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It’s the day of the presentation at the Inventors’ Fair! This year’s theme is Going Green, and as Noah watches his classmates settle in, he can’t help but get nervous. He’s done his research, reviewed his notes and practiced his presentation – but he still can’t get rid of the feeling of anxiety. He thought to himself, “Dad always said, ‘No dream is too big and no dreamer is too small to make a difference.’ But could he? With just one little invention?

So begins “We’re Going Green”, the newest addition to the world of “If Not You, Then Who?” This series of children’s books, designed by David and Emberli Pridham, follows the three Fairley siblings on their journey to discover the scientific world around them. In previous books, Brooke, Noah, and Graham discovered the inventors of everyday objects and even used tools to help build the best tree-top observation tower ever. Now in the latest issue, Noah and his friends are putting their time in the spotlight to mark the Inventors’ Fair, where young minds can pitch their ideas on how to make our world greener.

Once each student has set up their booth, the presentations can begin. Each student at the Salon des inventeurs has the opportunity to propose an invention that reduces pollution and waste. From Leila’s ideas for the future of solar panels to Carver’s plan to save bugs, everyone at the Inventors’ Fair has some great ideas on how to go green. Noah’s friend Emily even built a 4-stage water filtration device to help reduce water wastage! Watching the presentations from his peers, Noah can’t help but feel a little disheartened.

Still, when it’s time for him to make his speech, Noah takes a deep breath and pushes forward. He presents his invention – a device that can extract plastic from the ocean, so that it can be recycled rather than continuing to pollute the Earth’s water. His friends, family and teachers are proud of his presentation and are in awe of his invention. Noah is proud of himself too, and he is inspired by the other presentations he watched at the fair. From Leila’s solar panels to Carver’s butterfly kits, there are so many things people can do to help save the planet. What if Noah could combine them all?

In “We’re Going Green,” authors David and Emberli Pridham manage to create a fun and educational children’s book for the whole family. The multifaceted goals of their book help engage every reader; younger children will be inspired by Noah’s bravery, while the interests of older children will be piqued by scientific information.

Each of the character presentations includes real facts and statistics about our planet, but the information is never dull. Instead, the character presentations seem to come to life, as if the reader were walking through the Inventors’ Fair! This type of immersive storytelling can put children on the STEM path by introducing them early on to the fascinating world of science. Bonus material is also included on the back of the book so kids know exactly where to look for places to take action.

As Noah and his family return from the fair, they are excited to use some of the knowledge they learned during the presentations. The Fairley family decides to buy a solar panel for the house and begins to plant a garden where butterflies can congregate and rainwater can be recycled. And thanks to Noah’s presentation, the city was inspired to clean up the local pond! It seems Noah’s dad was right: No dream is too big and no dreamer is too small to tell a difference. “We’re Going Green” makes it clear to readers of all ages that anyone can do their part to help our planet.

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