WalkN app closes first round of investment with $70,000 from private and angel investors to deliver next-level Move2Earn platform

Frankfurt, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Overall, the fitness industry is valued at over $100 billion. According to Coingecko, the NFT market is so far worth around $30 billion in market capitalization. Most of this value has been created over the last couple of years or so. If you also factor in GameFi which is valued at over $200 billion, the total opportunity size for NFT-based games and apps is over $330 billion. Move2Earn, similar to Play2Earn, the space expands faster than ever imagined. The top 5 projects in this space are worth over $3 billion in market capitalization and they continue to grow. This is only 1% of the total market opportunity!

More and more projects are revolutionizing the M2E space and attracting millions of new users to their platforms. As the M2E industry grows, its participants will seek a smooth and amazing user experience with applications and platforms. The WalkN app is a rising star project that breathes user experience and is on a mission to create and deliver the best in class experience to its users on its platform.

The company recently raised over $70,000 in its funding round from private and angel investors. According to WalkN App, they ran the process over several days and prioritized investors who could bring more value to the table rather than just money. According to the company, the funds will be used to expand its team and further develop the WalkN app with the goal of launching the app in Q3 2022. In addition to the seed round, WalkN App is preparing to conduct two more rounds of investment to fuel its growth and development in 2022/2023.

“We are thrilled and thrilled to receive incredible support from our investors. Our sole mission is to bring people, fitness and crypto together by creating a strong platform that rewards people for taking care of their fitness. .” – said Francis John, Co-Founder/CMO, WalkN App

About the WalkN App

WalkN App is a Move2Earn project connecting the blockchain world with real-world sporting events. Walk, jog or run with the WalkN app and earn money as you get stronger EVERY DAY!

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Contact name: Francis John, Co-founder/CMO
Contact email: info (at) walkn.app

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