US Institute awards Delhi student for creating app to educate people about waste management

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States awarded a grade 6 Indian student for creating an app called “Heal The World”.

The student, Pranet Pahwa, studies at Shiv Nadar School Delhi NCR. He was declared the winner of the MIT App Inventor Appathon for Good 2021 and became the winner of the People Choice Youth team, News18 reported.

Pranet, a coding enthusiast, had previously developed a health app called “XDOC +” to help people locate health specialists during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This app won the MIT app in December of last year.

Awareness of waste management

The new app helps educate people, especially children, about waste management in a fun and engaging way. It connects users with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in their neighborhood to send their waste there, shares solutions to create compost from household waste and uses it in home gardens and encourages people to join. as volunteers for community clean-up campaigns. The young child developed the application with a team.

60 million tonnes of waste each year

According to recent statistics, India generates nearly 60 million tons of waste every year. Of this total, 45 million tonnes of garbage remains untreated.

The MIT App Inventor is a visual programming environment that allows anyone to create fully functional apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It “seeks to democratize the development of software by enabling everyone, in particular young people, to move from the consumption of technologies to the creation of technologies”.

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