Unlock financial opportunities for Filipinos through a mobile app

Investa launches an innovative first-time investment platform via a mobile application. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

STARTUP Investa, a finalist in the Emerge X 2020 startup competition, has launched an innovative first-party Microsoft Azure-based platform to provide Filipinos inclusive access to low-cost investment opportunities and financial benefits.

In recent years, more and more Filipinos have invested in the stock market with the rise of financial technology and online trading platforms, making investing more convenient and accessible. Despite this increase, only about 1.27% of Filipinos invest in stocks, in part because of insufficient financial awareness and education.

“We started Investa with the goal of empowering Filipinos to achieve financial freedom,” said Airwyn Tin, co-founder and CTO of Investa.

“Investing in the stock market is a viable way to increase income towards financial security and success, but most people lack the knowledge and skills to trade in stocks. There is also a lack of user-friendly and affordable investment platforms, which ultimately led us to build our own. Investa aims to fill these gaps by providing a wide range of learning resources, tools [and] analytics, and now the new Investa app has become a top investment platform, designed for every Filipino, ”explained Tin.

In its initial deployment, Investa was a learning tool, allowing users to access investment strategies, insights and even a virtual trading platform to simulate the buying and selling experience. actions without real financial risks. The platform also provided updates on publicly traded companies and facilitated a community of traders where members could share news and ideas.

The app is now in beta with an ongoing registration for early access. Registration is open at http://invs.st/NewInvestaApp.

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