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Main advantages

Social Features

One of Tornado’s most unique appeals is its suite of community-driven features. In addition to connecting with other users and viewing their portfolios and trades, Tornado makes the experience interactive. Do you have a hypothesis on an action? Express it with an idea and send it to your network. Then, hash out the pros and cons, where your connections can share their thoughts in 250 characters. Then see how your ideas stack up against the portfolios of thought leaders, including distinguished community members and celebrity investors, pulled from public financial records. With Tornado, investing is no longer a spectator sport.

Learn and Earn Program

With the Learn and Earn program, Tornado users are encouraged to take educational investing courses. Tornado users can earn up to $50 with a live brokerage account. The training program is customized based on investment experience and delivered through integrated courses. The reward for completing courses is available for immediate redemption, but the rewards must remain in the account for one year before being withdrawn.

Portfolio Optimizer

Tornado’s Portfolio Optimizer uses mathematical models to create personalized, risk-optimized portfolios. Taking into account a user’s ideas, risk profile and investment goals, the optimizer structures a portfolio containing only the stocks and ETFs that a user shares. By evaluating the volatility and correlation of holdings, the optimizer calculates a weighted portfolio that maximizes projected returns while minimizing risk. While the optimizer calculations are available to all Tornado users, only those with accounts of $3,000 or more can generate one-click trades to implement it.

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