Top 8 Websites to Teach Python to Your Kids

Scripting languages ​​like Java, PHP, and HTML have stood the test of time. However, Python is the latest in the block (figuratively speaking), coming in only second to JavaScript.

Python has spawned many frameworks for software development. It has paved the way for excellent data analytics with its range of pre-built libraries.

Kids nowadays prefer to start early, especially when learning programming languages. Why not put your child on the right track by giving them the right level of education from trusted sources?

Here are some great resources for teaching Python to your kids in a fun and creative way.

Create and Learn’s free Introduction to Python Coding is tailor-made for students in grades 5-9. The course introduces basic Python programming. It explains blocks of code using animations and interactive drawings.

With this course, your children can create Python-based animated projects with story-based narratives. Even better, your child can learn all of this in less than an hour.

The introductory lesson lasts more than 55 minutes. Within the time limit, middle school students can take Create and Learn’s advanced Python for AI course.

The advanced Python for AI course targets the same student demographics. It teaches them Python syntax, loops, variables, data types, built-in data structures, and more. The course takes place in four parts comprising 16 sessions.

The advanced Python for AI course costs $336.

CodeWizardsHQ’s Intro to Python Programming course focuses on creating a beginner-friendly curriculum for teaching Python to children.

This course focuses on the vitality of Python as a web programming and data science language. The course instructors have gamified the concept to make the language fun and interactive.

Each class consists of short sessions that entertain and engage young minds. It encourages participants to practice project-based learning so kids understand basic programming concepts. These include data types, operators, functions, variables, functions, and loops.

A live instructor teaches the lessons, while students have the opportunity to practice writing Python scripts in a browser-based IDE.

Tynker is a new e-learning solution that you can use to teach Python to young aspiring programmers. The Introduction to Python course helps kids ages 12 and up gain a solid foundation in programming.

The course follows an interactive game-based approach to teach students basic Python concepts and blocks of code. With Tynker, you get access to 115 programming activities and 50 coding puzzles that test the learner’s ability to grasp the lessons.

The self-paced course uses guided learning tactics and separate lessons to keep learners engaged with the browser-based IDE. Tynker is one of the best coding websites for kids, proven in the world of education and programming.

The course offers many extracurricular activities, from character design for Python games to editing game levels. For just $15/month, students can learn how to apply Python concepts to perform advanced Python calculations on ‘coming.

Trinket is an eLearning resource center that helps your child learn the basics of Python. The platform breaks down its native Python course into ten easy-to-digest parts. This means that students can absorb the essentials without ambiguity.

Registrants learn how Python uses variables, logical expressions, conditions, lists, dictionaries, and more. Towards the end of the course, you will learn to work with more advanced mathematical operators like rands, numbers and lists.

After completing the course, students leave with a deep appreciation of Python concepts. They can then practice their new skills and apply them to any custom programming task.

With CodeCombat’s approach to gameplay, students will never be stuck in a monotonous rut. The course has its own custom Python browser-based IDE. The addition of text-based learning helps young minds get up to speed quickly with Python syntax.

The platform presents educators with interactive student-centered slideshows and games. By using them, you can help assess a student’s level of learning and progress.

CodeCombat has partnered with academic institutions so students can expand their knowledge of one of the most sought-after programming languages. is a dedicated in-browser Python learning system. It helps students dive deep into the language. With PixelPad, students can access out-of-the-box learning materials and IDEs in the browser. The configuration allows students to manipulate gamified output in real time.

The platform allows students to gauge the depth of their learning and correct errors on the fly. The PixelPAD2D engine is an essential addition to the program. It teaches learners how to use loops, objects, sprites, animations, functions and multiplayer assets.

CheckiO is yet another playful Python learning program. It teaches you how to code Python with over 500 assignments that explore fundamental Python concepts in real time.

Students are free to change the subject using CheckiO’s internal search engine. The platform further facilitates learning with valuable tips that help clarify learning blocks.

CheckiO provides assessment tools for academics and tutors to track their students’ progress.

The CheckiO tutorial teaches at an advanced programmer level, including how to create a GitHub repository.

Unlike most online learning platforms, Udemy believes in teaching students Python programming from the youngest age possible.

Teach your kids to code: learn to program Python at any age! The course helps learners to assimilate the basics of Python using several interactive games that use the most fundamental essential elements of the language.

Students can master variables, loops and functions. They can move on to Python concepts such as Turtle Graphics, interactive user-facing applications, etc.

The course includes high definition videos that you can revisit later to revive your basics. There are also free sections and money back guarantees, in case you are unhappy with the service.

The Best Python Courses to Teach Kids Coding

Python is a versatile and in-demand language for kids these days. From budding data analysts to advanced data engineers and web developers, many different people use the programming language to their advantage.

Although Python is a great starter language, there are even simpler alternatives, aimed at children. If your child has a keen interest in coding and wants to learn a few simple languages, there are plenty of options available.

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