Three LGTBQ books with sexually explicit material from the Waukee school

Editor’s Note: This article is not suitable for young readers.

WAUKEE, Iowa – Waukee community schools said they released three LGBTQ-themed books – Not all boys are blue, Lawn boy, and Homosexual gender – Northwest High School Library for review after receiving complaints about sexually explicit content, Axios Des Moines reported Tuesday morning.

On Monday evening, Waukee resident Amanda McClanahan read excerpts from each book at the Waukee school board meeting.

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The excerpt she read Not all boys are blue describes a boy victim of sexual abuse, oral sex and masturbation by a family member.

The excerpt McClanahan read from Lawn boy described oral sex and fondling between grade four boys at a church youth group meeting.

Extract from Homosexual gender she made reference to different sex toys, oral sex and a cartoon depicting oral sex that she presented to the board members.

McClanahan pointed out that these books can be viewed by students as young as 14 and asserted that the books were allowed in school under the guise of fairness and equality standards approved by the school board.

“Can you tell me if equity and inclusion also includes incestuous relationships, sex between children and adults, and books that promote pedophilia?” She asked after her time had expired.


A relative of Waukee, Courtney Collier, spoke later, calling the books pornography.

“Our school libraries have pornographic material available to our students,” she said. “None of the aforementioned magazines (Playboy, Attica) but dozens of books in our whitewashed libraries labeled as educational, inclusive, and diverse. “

“At first glance by a curious student, these books may appear innocent. However, when you dig, you find much, much more. The highlights of the book cover don’t show you the graphic illustrations on masturbation, oral sex, and other sexual acts. Or worse yet, a minor having sex with an adult or various sexual encounters and even rape between grade four boys, ”Collier said.

She asked the school board, “Does the fact that these books are in our new high school mean that as district leaders you and some of our teachers agree that our schools are exhibiting? our children to incest, rape and child sexual abuse? Who is responsible for ordering and approving these books? Where is the responsibility? The community deserves an answer. Are these books new since the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Standards were approved in August 2020? Or have they been there for a few years?

“It’s not about homosexual or straight. It is very simple. It’s porn, and it has no place in our school libraries, period, ”Collier said.

She claimed that exposing minors to the sexually explicit content of these books amounted to child grooming. Collier went on to encourage Waukee voters to vote wisely on Election Day next Tuesday.

“Vote for the people who don’t agree with this and want it out of our schools, and they want the standards changed because it’s not appropriate,” she concluded.

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