“These” course exams will be conducted online

According to the latest reports, Mumbai University will conduct the six final semester exams for all traditional and self-funded undergraduate courses online. These programs are said to have the highest number of university enrolments. However, students will need to take their practice exams offline.

On the other hand, exams for all professional courses including Engineering, Law, Management and BEd will be conducted offline as mentioned earlier.

Based on the accounts, exams are expected to start from April 19. The director of the university, the board of examinations and assessments, Vinod Patil released a statement in which he noted that many students are enrolled in traditional programs.

Patil believes that many depend on the end results to achieve higher education and jobs. He added that in order to announce the results in time, given the vaccination status of the students, the MSRTC bus strike and fewer students in hostels, the university made the decision to conduct the exams online. .

He further added that the practice exams for these students will be conducted offline. The university has released the start dates for all exams. However, a full schedule is expected.

It was reported that colleges will have to follow a set schedule and question banks given by the university. Likewise, the winter exams due to be held from October to November 2022 will be held offline, the statement said.

This was done to give students and schools time to prepare. Postgraduate final exams for traditional courses will be conducted offline.

This will be done with 50% descriptive questions and 50% multiple-choice questions. In addition, examinations in the departments of the university will also take place offline.

The stories are also making the rounds at some stand-alone colleges that have made a resolution to conduct all exams offline.

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