The Skoodos app simplifies the arduous task of selecting the best schools for parents and students

When it comes to finding the best schools for their children, parents face an uphill battle. Skoodos, an online platform supported by a mobile app for IOS and Android, makes it easy for parents and students to locate the best schools in their towns and villages., is a leading online search aggregator founded in April 2021; the mobile application allows parents and students to simplify the process of selecting the best schools. Schools have been verified by a team of experts who rate schools based on a range of factors and characteristics to ensure parents and students are offered the best of the best schools.

The mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices, organizes desired fields into categories and includes relevant filters such as tables and links. The whole process helps parents make an informed decision when it comes to finding, evaluating and comparing the best schools for their children.

Dr Siya Seth, Founder and CEO of Skoodos, said: “Our goal with Skoodos is to bridge the gap between schools and students by ensuring that the best educational institutions reach deserving students and vice versa. We have offices in Gurugram and Pune, and our platform through the app provides a user-friendly experience for parents and students by providing schools verified by our team of experts with all relevant information. The search is facilitated by the categorical search. “

The Skoodos platform includes a host of features, such as school comparisons, to help parents make an informed decision. Skoodos, on the other hand, will become a digital partner for schools, helping them develop a strong online presence through 360-degree marketing support, according to Dr Seth.

Shruti Verma, the co-founder of Skoodos, announced the launch of a unique Christmas campaign, saying: “We are launching an engaging and unique communication on Skoodos social media with“ #MeraAsliSanta ‘this Christmas. ”The campaign will incite everyone looking for their own Santa Claus in their home. The campaign will allow parents and children to appreciate the presence of a broader perspective on their relationship while learning about Skoodos as their school’s search engine. “

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