The 9 Best Websites for Cat Lovers of All Ages

Are you a feline lover constantly on the lookout for new knowledge about cats? Look no further. Owning a cat is a big commitment, and it’s only right that you equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to give your cat the best care.

Whether you’re looking for basic cat care information or you have minor concerns about your cat that don’t need urgent attention, you can find this information online. In this article, you’ll find nine websites that cover all things cat-related.

The Cat site is an indispensable tool for cat lovers and cat owners. This platform is dedicated to giving cat lovers tips on how to give their cats the best care. You’ll find a range of topics, from cat behavior to cat health and nutrition information.

On this website, not only will you receive advice on how to take care of your cat, but you will be able to join a community of cat lovers who share experiences and photos of their cats.

PetKeen is a website that provides advice for pet owners. You can find articles about cats that cover various topics. PetKeen has a database with over 8,000 posts you can browse through, so you’ll most likely find some useful information to help you give your cats the care they deserve.

You can also use the 24-hour veterinary advice platform to find expert advice on any concerns you may have about your cat. It is important to note that this platform is not intended for emergencies. If you have an emergency, it is advisable to contact your local veterinarian.

If you want to know more about all things cats like lifestyle, cat behavior, health and what they eat, this website is for you. On the Catster website, you will find a variety of educational and entertaining articles that you can read.

One of the unique features of this website is the cat photo booth, where you can sign up to upload photos of your cats.

If this is your first time taking care of a cat, this site is for you. Cat Friendly Homes is a website run by feline veterinarians who are dedicated to giving cat lovers and owners the best information they need to give their cats love and care.

It offers informative articles, such as “how to handle and pet a cat” and “how to feed a cat”. So being a newbie to this site is not a problem.

If you want to be more active in grooming your cat, you’ll also learn basic grooming tips to help you establish a consistent grooming routine.

Many cat communities are flooded with cat memes and adorable cat pictures, but this forum offers a different experience. You might come across a few posts from people showcasing their cats, but this website is an engaging platform where people provide helpful tips and educational information on how to take care of a cat.

The forum is divided into distinct categories. This way, you’ll know exactly what kind of conversations you’re having when you click on one of the topics. Whether you want to post about general cat information, health, cat fostering, or purely entertaining off-topic information, this website is for all types of cat lovers. is a community of cat lovers dedicated to discussing breeds, cat training, food, and other cat-related issues. With over 56,000 members, there is no doubt that this platform brings value to various cat owners and enthusiasts.

The best part of the information on this forum is that it is peer reviewed. Members read, engage and maintain the accuracy of forum posts. also has a team of moderators who monitor any fake news, spam, or concerning behavior within the forum. Thus, this platform remains a reliable and safe space for cat lovers.

If you are passionate about working with community cats, this website is perfect for you. The Community Cats podcast aims to create a safe community for cats. The website includes a weekly podcast with various episodes on cat welfare topics.

Given the state of feline overpopulation, the discussions held in the podcast aim to educate and empower people to care for cats in their community. The website also offers an educational blog to help you create a humane environment for cats where you live.

As cliché as it sounds, this website tells you all about cats. This website provides expert-reviewed guides to help you become the best caregiver for your cat.

A unique feature that you will find on the site is the cat name finder. So if you have just taken in a new kitten or cat and are still looking for a name, this feature can help. The name finder is divided into separate categories such as race, name styles, as well as color and markings.

Do you like adventure and want to take your cat with you? Look no further. The Fluffy Kitty is a cat lifestyle blog founded by a couple who traveled with their foster cat to seven countries.

The Fluffy Kitty provides tips for cat parents who like to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and travel. You will find many useful guides, such as how to train your cat to adapt to an adventurous lifestyle.

Companies are known to manufacture cat products that are harmful to the environment, such as toys, cat bowls, etc. Fortunately, on this website you will find guides on how to create an eco-friendly lifestyle for your cat.

Become the best cat groomer

When you’re a cat lover, you might also have tons of questions about how to take care of your cat in the best possible way.

Luckily, you don’t have to remain ignorant about topics you lack knowledge about. The variety of websites listed above will allow you to create a safe environment for your cats and the cats in your community.

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