The 8 Best Free Websites and Programs to Detect Plagiarism

Prepare documents or articles that contain error-free and plagiarism-free content with these free plagiarism detection websites and programs.

The level of requirement required in the college papersregarding the type of font, margins, line spacing, citation form and other requested requirements, are part of the professional training.

However, trying to incorporate information from other works or elaborate essays without falling into plagiarism is very difficult for many people.

And when we talk about plagiarism, we mean the copy of the content in part or in whole on work prepared by another person, which may have legal implications. Publishers should be careful when they gather information and make appointments chords referencing the thoughts or works of other people.

Prepare papers or articles that contain error-free and plagiarism-free content with these free websites and programs to detect plagiarism

To avoid the work of having to carefully examine the prepared essay or article, various programs, apps, and websites have been developed to do this kind of work for you. Know what are the 8 Best Free Websites and Programs to Detect Plagiarism.

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Best Web Pages and Programs to Detect Plagiarism

  • ‎EduBirdie
  • small tools
  • search engine reports
  • copy leaks
  • Plagiarism detected
  • Grammar
  • duplicate checker
  • paper evaluator

Having no more time to lose, we present to you this fabulous list of 8 best free websites and programs to detect plagiarism. In them you will have the opportunity to analyze documents in different formatsGenerate reports that reflect the percentage of plagiarism, misspellings present, and the ability to paraphrase so your work is completely unique.


EduBirdie: check your content for plagiarism

EduBirdie: check your content for plagiarism

A site that includes everything you need to revise your work. It is a web space with a plagiarism checker in the entered text or file. It also reflects the spelling errors present in the writing and indicates the number of words and characters that compose it.

It has an option to help you in the editing and rewriting by one of more than 200 publishers who collaborate on the platform.

small tools

Smallseotools: plagiarism checker

Smallseotools: plagiarism checker

This space is sufficient practical and very easy to useall you have to do is copy the content you created and paste it in the given space and then press the option check for plagiarism or grammar and that’s it, in a few minutes it will give you the result. The analysis has a report detailing the percentage of plagiarism in the document, url selection where plagiarism was detected and possibility of share analysis report.

Likewise, you can analyze documents in various formats (TXT, DF, TEX, ODT…) which can be linked in the cloud. Detect plagiarism in a variety of languages.

search engine reports

Searchenginereports: plagiarism detector

Searchenginereports: plagiarism detector

In this web space you will have a text checker which indicates the percentage of plagiarism present in its content, as well as the spelling errors it presents. Once the verification of process results They will be reflected in a report showing which parts contain plagiarism in red, with the option to search for a URL that takes you to the plagiarized page. If necessary, he has rewrite optionwho paraphrases sentences avoiding plagiarism.

One of the features that sets this detector apart from others is that it has a scans up to 1,500 wordsSo you can check your work without it being necessary to fragment it.

copy leaks

Copyleaks: plagiarism checker with Artificial Intelligence

Copyleaks: plagiarism checker with Artificial Intelligence

A die plagiarism checkers preferred by teachers, students and businesses. By comparing the typed text with thousands of pages and indicating the plagiarism detected.

In turn, he is able to generate an alert when suspicious fraud is detected due to a replacement of words or white ink, which are not detectable by others plagiarism checkers. It is one of best plagiarism checkers that works with AI.

Plagiarism detected

Plagiarismdetecto: detects similar or plagiarized texts

Plagiarismdetecto: detects similar or plagiarized texts

Another great option for check your work It is through this site. Contains a character detector with a capacity of up to 1,000 wordswhere you can check the grammar and plagiarism. It also has a rewrite function with which you can paraphrase paragraphs detected with plagiarism.


Grammar: excellent writing, simplified

Grammar: excellent writing, simplified

It is convenient writing assistant which was released in 2009 and later in 2018 in its beta version. With it, users will have the ability to scan your files for plagiarism or misspellings. In addition, this writing assistant provides recommendations regarding the tone and style that best suits what you want to express.

duplicate checker

Duplichecker: duplicate text checker

Duplichecker: duplicate text checker

duplicate checker is a web space that has a new document scanner of various formats. With it you can check in seconds if your work is genuine and what percentage of plagiarism it exhibits.

Besides check for spelling mistakes and highlights plagiarized phrases in a different color for easy visibility. To get a completely unique job, you can select the option “make it unique” and thus eliminate plagiarism.

paper evaluator

Paperrater: plagiarism, grammar and spelling

Paperrater: plagiarism, grammar and spelling

To finish our list we present to you this web space which has a very practical and simple written content analyzerwith only copy and paste your text You will now be able to analyze the level of authenticity of your content.

It’s a checker that checks for grammar and spelling mistakes, adapted to the level of study of the author. Plagiarism checking is optional for faster results.

Verifying the authenticity of works is of great importance to ensure legitimacy without incurring ethical and legal issues.

For this reason, you will now have at your disposal different web spaces, each with its Distinctive featureswhich you can explore until you find the writing assistant that best suits the way you work.

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