The 10 best coloring sites to entertain your children

Besides being a fun activity for children of all ages, coloring is extremely beneficial for a child’s development. It may seem like a simple way to keep them entertained, but it can help with concentration and fine motor skills, and it also encourages patience.

Now, with the help of the internet, your kids can really benefit from sitting in front of a screen. Here are some awesome online coloring sites that your kids are sure to love!


Coloring can provide hours of fun for children. just grab a few pencils, pens, and paper, and you’re good to go. But, wouldn’t it be great if kids could color without the mess? Now the little ones can color online using the Room Recess coloring pages.

Let them choose their favorite coloring, whether it’s a unicorn, turtle, dinosaur, pizza or an alien. Coloring is easy, all they have to do is choose a color and click on the image; there’s even the option to mix your own unique color. Additionally, Room Recess has over 155 learning games for kids.

Visit the Hello Kids website to find an endless selection of online coloring pages, all conveniently categorized to make it easy to find your child’s favorites. Disney, Barbie, Star Wars, Lego, Pokémon and Marvel are just a handful of categories to choose from.

Hello Kids not only provides tons of online coloring pages, but also offers drawing tutorials, crafts, free online games, reading and learning, and educational videos. Do you want to join the party? Hello Kids has a handful of awesome online coloring options for adults.

Just like Hello Kids, Online Coloring is full of fantastic coloring pages for kids. In fact, there are over 900 images to choose from. Because there are so many options, kids will have no trouble discovering an image they love, whether it’s boats and planes or fairies and princesses.

Coloring on the online coloring site is super easy; click on the chosen page, and kids have the option to color it online, print it, download and save it, or share it for loved ones to see.

Besides all the coloring apps available for kids, Kids Drawing Hub is the perfect place to find coloring pages online. The site is easy to navigate and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

For kids who love animals, there are plenty of coloring pages dedicated to all members of the animal kingdom. If your toddler loves sea creatures, whale coloring pages are a great way for them to learn about these huge mammals while having fun.

With over 140 coloring pages online, kids will love what they find on the Kids-n-Fun site. Each image is sorted alphabetically, starting with Animal Crossing characters all the way up to Zuma from Paw Patrol.

When looking for a coloring page, look for a small paintbrush icon. If the page has a brush, it means that the image is not only available for printing but also for coloring online. The online coloring process is incredibly simple; just let them pick a color, click an area, and let your child go wild.

Coloring is a way for children to express themselves. Coloring Pages For Kids offers a variety of fun online coloring pages for kids so they don’t have to “express themselves” on the living room wall!

All pages are free to color online as well as print. Among all the coloring pages available, there is a specific category perfect for children who love Christmas. Here they will enjoy coloring Santa with cute Christmas trees and magic elves.

Recently, color by number apps have gained popularity. If you don’t know, this is a basic interactive exercise where the picture is divided into specific numbered sections and each number corresponds to a specific color. Color by Numbers is an amazing educational website that can help kids who are still learning their colors and numbers.

Each picture is beautiful and unique, whether your little one loves coloring dinosaurs or fairies. A nice little aspect of this online coloring tool is that if your child chooses the wrong color, the correct color will bounce back to indicate which color they should use. In addition, children also have the option of changing the colors assigned to each number.

Introduce basic coloring to your little one with the help of Happy Clicks. Even though the website doesn’t have tons and tons of options, the choices are manageable and fun, especially for young children.

Online coloring pages available include various cars, characters and animals. Click to choose the perfect page and kids can spend hours showing off their creativity online. Apart from coloring pages, Happy Clicks offers a collection of interactive online games, such as memory games, maze games, puzzle games and more.

The color does not disappoint when it comes to coloring options. According to the website, nearly 5,000 free online coloring pages are available.

Let your little one choose their favorite category, whether it’s baby animals, fairy tales, planets or movies. Alternatively, encourage your child to color and learn at the same time by coloring in famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. You also have the choice to create a free account for your child so that they can save each creation in their personal gallery.

If you’re looking for an online coloring website with basically all of your kid’s favorite movie and TV characters, be sure to check out Coloring4all. Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, Shrek, and Dora the Explorer are a few options to choose from. Plus, kids can just color cute pictures of different animals if that’s what they prefer.

Like a few of the other online coloring sites mentioned, Coloring4all has other kid-friendly activities including online puzzles, drawings, and links.

Let your children discover the joys of online coloring

Kids love coloring, it’s easy to do and it’s really fun. But children don’t know how beneficial the act of coloring is for them. That’s why you should always encourage young children to get creative with pencils and crayons.

Even though children love coloring on paper, they can also do it online. Online coloring is especially great because it lets kids access their all-time favorite activity without all the essentials. So be sure to visit these online coloring sites where your little one can unleash their creativity and even improve their basic computer skills.

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