Technical issues on the Service NSW app frustrate parents on the day the vouchers roll out

Eager parents trying to access the NSW Government Family Vouchers made available from February 7 have encountered problems with glitches and system errors.

Around one million families in the state have received vouchers worth $250 which can be redeemed at registered Discover NSW and Stay NSW businesses.

Vouchers can be accessed through the NSW app.

Unlike Dine and Discover vouchers, which have been made available with a single click, family vouchers require a parent to apply through the Service NSW app.

Turns out, for parents who have pre-loaded the app with their driver’s license and Medicare card, the process is relatively smooth.

However, some parents who did not pre-load the IDs, ran into a “system error”.

Other parents on the coast reported that the system failed to match their identity records with their name and prevented them from making further attempts.

“Maybe too many people are applying at once,” said a Wyong mother.

Local parent groups have also complained that they cannot share their vouchers with family members or friends who have struggled financially during the pandemic.

“Every time you upload the vouchers to the app, it creates a new code for the company to use, which means I can’t pass it on to anyone,” complained another mother.

Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet said the scheme was a big win for households and would help reduce the cost of living for busy parents.

“This is about thanking parents for their homeschooling efforts over the past year, helping to make ends meet and supporting local businesses,” Perrottet said.

“It will also put downward pressure on the cost of living by helping families across the state get out and enjoy the best our state has to offer while leaving more money in their back pockets to spend on living. everyday essentials.”

Additionally, the Stay NSW voucher scheme, offering every adult aged 18 and over a $50 voucher to spend at registered accommodation providers, will be phased in from February 21.

Parents are still awaiting the rollout of the $500 GAP fee stipend for before and after school care, which is due to begin Feb. 28.

Vouchers can also be viewed on the Service NSW website or by calling 13 77 88.

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