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Early exposure of students, starting in kindergarten, to computer science education would stimulate their interest in technology adoption. This was the view of a tech enthusiast, Ms. Opeoluwa Okosun, when she conducted her tech talk campaign at Victory Home School, Ikeja.

Okosun, a licensed referee, certified ISO auditor and COBIT professional with over 20 years of professional experience, said technology remains the future, stressing that the earlier students are exposed to ICT education, the better. for the country.

Through her “Project Start Young in Tech”, which she launched in 2020, Okosun said the project was started to sensitize, educate, mentor and empower young people at an early age with basic tech skills.

She believes that helping to provide young people early on with the platform and resources to pursue careers in technology can definitely have a positive impact on their lives and provide them with opportunities for entrepreneurship or skilled workers in the tech industry. field of technology in the future.

She is optimistic that this will help create and sustain great development towards a digital economy in Nigeria and Africa, in the near future.

At Victory Home School, Okosun, who is currently working with a multinational digital technology organization in Nigeria, explained how to recognize opportunities in technology and how to use those opportunities.

According to her, the “Project Start Young in Tech” targets primary and secondary school students, which also provides mentorship.

Speaking to about 100 students at Victory Home School, Okosun educated them and gave them an insight into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), which she described as a essential element to compete with the best.

She told students that sparking an early interest in STEM subjects was a step in the right direction on their path to becoming tech professionals, which she said would be a source of income for early adopters.

The highlight of the technical conference was the donation of his book titled: “Basic Computer for Young Beginners”, a computer guide for computer beginners, to students and school.

She said the book introduces readers to the basic knowledge needed to properly use and interact with a computer.

“We are giving away the books for free to young people, especially students from disadvantaged backgrounds, as part of my initiative to spark their interest in STEM subjects and subsequently to pursue careers in technology,” he said. she declared.

Going forward, Okosun stressed that it plans to establish advanced training programs for students from indigent communities and backgrounds who have been identified as having a genuine interest in technology.

According to her, they will prepare them for certification courses for free and pay for certification exams, among other things, and ensure that there is after-school training and boot camps on programs such as coding, software development. websites, etc

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