Students learn to skate through a university course

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) – Dr. John Becker is a California native who knew when he moved to Arkansas that he wanted to bring a piece home, and that’s exactly what he’s doing at Lyon College.

The assistant professor of philosophy introduced a one-hour credit skateboard course, which was well received by students.

Dr. Becker said that when he got his doctorate he knew he wanted to teach skateboarding, adding that it had always been one of his goals.

“I thought to myself once it’s settled, it’s something I want to do,” he said. “Especially here, where there are no real skate parks, it gives people who are like me a chance to practice their craft.”

Dr. Becker had the help of teachers and students to spread the word and he was so happy to see the turnout.

“It’s great, so growing up I found that sport could be individualistic,” he said. “I’ve seen it become a community sport, so you build those friendships and keep people motivated and I see that with my students.”

Students said the class took them outside, and for those who worked hard there, they said it was amazing to learn from Dr. Becker.

“He gives advice that you would never have thought to go about casually,” said Lyon elder Nicholas McDonald. “My tricks have improved so much in the short time I’ve had the class, I’m trying to get a kickflip at the end.”

He said the availability of this type of exterior glass was amazing, adding that he and other students benefited from it in many ways.

“Just having all these offerings to get people outdoors and active has been really great not only for my physical health but also for my mental health,” McDonald said.

Dr. Becker encourages people to get into the sport and apply for the College Skateboarding Educational Foundations scholarships, which give money to skateboarders pursuing higher education.

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