Sora Reading App Used to Access Over 100 Million eBooks and Audiobooks Worldwide

While the pandemic has led people to take up reading in droves in most parts of the world, one segment where this trend appears to have taken on a new proportion is the education sector. Many more students and teachers have embraced digital means of education than ever before. This includes the use of smartphones, tablets, e-readers, electronic notes, etc. On the software side, apps like Sora have fueled the growth of digital reading and have become almost the staple app for students to access eBooks or audiobooks.

As eSchoolNews reported, the Sora reading app recently hit a milestone with K12 students accessing over 100 million books from their school’s library using the app. As things stand, there has been a growing trend of digitizing school libraries so that they have more eBooks and audiobooks to supplement the student’s study materials. Additionally, there has also been a focus on including more digital content to allow for enjoyable reading as well.

Schools have also endorsed the Sora reading app to access the digital content their libraries have to offer. To date, more than 53,000 schools around the world trust Sora to ensure their students have access to the digital content they need. That’s not all, as schools also use Sora to connect students to local public libraries and Public Library CONNECT to let students have age-appropriate content.

With Sora, educators also have the ability to create digital book clubs for the student to access or have them part of other regional or global programs that encourage reading or listening to books, respectively. electronics and audio books. Moreover, the app can also be a boon for people with any form of visual or physical impairment that prevents them from reading printed books or e-books.

Meanwhile, of the more than 100 million pieces of digital content students have accessed since its inception in 2018, Sora said a vast majority, 87%, were e-books, while only 13% consisted of books. audiobooks. In addition, books on children’s fiction and non-fiction, comics and graphic novels, comedy, young adult fiction and non-fiction stories were the most popular. These aside, or genres of books such as fantasy, romance, historical fiction, detective stories, and finally, biographies and autobiographies that were most in demand.

Additionally, in what may underline the pan-global appeal of the Sora reader app, only 18% of the 100 million payments have been in English, while the rest have been in other languages. . These include Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Swedish, Japanese, Hebrew, Italian, Afrikaans and Russian. Meanwhile, US states that have seen the maximum number of books viewed through Sora include Texas, New York, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

An inherent advantage of digital reading material is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and through any device.

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