Soon a mobile application on accredited courses, according to HEC


Islamabad: The Higher Education Commission has announced that it will soon launch a mobile app to inform parents and students about validly accredited educational programs and institutions.

This was revealed by HEC officials at a meeting of the Standing Senate Committee on Federal Education and Vocational Training here on Friday chaired by Senator Irfan Siddiqui.

HEC officials said no mechanism was in place for enrolling students going abroad to study on a self-funded basis.

They said the students applied for admission to foreign universities and got a visa on their own.

The executive director of HEC said swift action has been taken against illegal institutions and campuses, citing the example of Al-Khair University.

The president deplored the role of HEC on the issue and asked him to give details of these actions at the next meeting.

Education ministry officials said that according to information shared by universities, the total number of foreign students is 5,248 from 70 different countries. They study at different universities through various programs such as development projects, bilateral agreements or individually.

The president said that a full list should be produced showing the number of foreign students at each university as well as their subjects and nationality.

Officials said that HEC is preparing a digital textbook of Pakistani universities and their programs offered by each university as well as admission criteria to attract foreign students to create diversity in the student life cycle for exchange, cultural, academic and experience to open up new avenues of knowledge.

At the committee’s recommendations for creating a separate stream and service structure for technologists, officials said engineers, engineering technologists and other technologists are separate and distinct professionals, working in tandem. with their counterparts, but need separate, albeit parallel, career paths that are more complementary than confrontational.

The committee had recommended that the notification withdrawn by HEC be reinstated to provide interim assistance to 350,000 technologists until a separate service structure is formed for them.

The president expressed his dissatisfaction with the non-compliance of the recommendation and the resistance of the HEC on the issue and asked the secretary of education to formally request an explanation on the issue to the HEC and to present it at the meeting. next committee meeting. The chairman of the National Technology Council said that the first draft of the National Technology Council ACT was finalized.

However, further consultation with other stakeholders, including the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the approval of the Higher Education Commission is needed. The president’s committee was tasked with speeding up the process and resolving the issue on an immediate basis as it has persisted for 70 years.

The executive director of HEC said the funds were distributed to all universities in the public sector according to a formula based on performance, ranking, enrollment, type and number of programs introduced at a particular university.

She added that 32% of the funds are provided by HEC, 8% by the respective provincial governments and 60% of the funds are generated by the universities themselves.

She said HEC was involved at every stage of decision-making through the representation of HEC officials in the senate, union and university selection committees, while also conducting a performance audit of universities. randomly and a performance audit of 30 universities was carried out last year and another 40 such audits will be carried out this year.

The chairman ordered the production of the reports of the said audits to the members of the committee. The president said a new subcommittee will be formed to review research journals and publications from universities. He will also visit the universities of the four provinces in order to assess on the ground the situation of the problems encountered by the students and the professors.

Senator Rukhsana Zuberi said the report of the subcommittee formed to investigate the murder and rape of men case at the International Islamic University in Islamabad has been finalized.


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