Snappy Kraken acquires Advisor Websites

For most people looking for a financial advisor in 2022, the process begins where many of the quests for answers, clarity and direction sprout in the modern world.


This means that long before they’ve ever had the chance to meet their prospective planner face to face – or Zoom to Zoom – those looking will inevitably be spending time clicking and scrolling through advisor websites. . Deliver a memorable and intuitive experience, and you just might have a new customer on your hands.

But if you deliver something frustrating or mundane, don’t expect to be bookmarked anytime soon.

Understand the decisive nature of these digital storefronts, award-winning marketing technology consultancy Vivid Kraken made a new acquisition to improve the planner’s web pages.

Tuesday, the Florida-based company that has become a mainstay of the annual Financial planning and American banker The Best Fintechs to Work For ranking announced the acquisition of the industry website builder Advisor websites.

Together, the organizations say they hope to create a holistic solution for advisor websites, branding and digital marketing. They also aim to make an impact in an area where they believe many planners miss the mark.

“Advisors know the necessity of having a website, but very few have actually taken advantage of what a great website can do. ‘a holistic marketing strategy,” Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia said in a statement. “With this acquisition of Advisor Websites, we intend to introduce the industry to what a truly unique website, personalized and strategic can accomplish.

“It’s time for advisors to stop viewing their website as just a requirement for table stakes and start seeing it as the growth engine for the business it has the potential to become.”

The Snappy Kraken team says advisor web pages generally lack the design, copywriting, and branding quality needed to make the most of “this critical real estate for converting customers.” But business leaders believe that by combining their marketing chops with the technology toolset of advisor websites, advisor websites can evolve from online brochures to powerful engines of growth for their businesses.

Managers of advisor websites are equally passionate about making sure planners put their best foot forward online. According to his first state of the industry report released earlier this year70% of consumers said a website was the most influential channel for making a purchase decision.

Additionally, more and more people are turning to the internet for financial advice, with 80% of prospects doing their own research online before choosing a financial advisor.

For Advisor Websites CEO Graham Turner, it’s not always easy to stand out from the competition, or know where to start. But knowing your audience and tailoring content to meet their unique needs can make the difference.

When the State of the Advisor Website Industry report was released, Turner said companies that embed personalization into their content and websites report a 10% or more increase in their marketing goals.

“Joining forces with Snappy Kraken is the ultimate way for us to increase the value our advisors receive. We’ve been following their success for several years, and it’s clear that they are the best marketers and brand builders in financial services,” Turner said in a statement. “As we combine the capabilities of our website with their incredible content, advisors using our integrated offering will gain a significant competitive advantage. We are beyond excited to embark on this new adventure, flying the Snappy Kraken flag together. »

Website offers for advisors include a calendar planning tool, website design manager, and compliance workflow support. Snappy Kraken said the acquisition is the perfect complement to its existing customer prospecting and relationship building platform tools.

Advisor websites will now be marketed under the Snappy Kraken brand, and Turner will lead the new entity.

Officials said the integration will take several months, but the Snappy Kraken and Advisor websites have an existing integration that shares contact data, performance statistics, and some Snappy Kraken campaigns between platforms. Discounts are offered to advisors who use both platforms.

The acquisition comes amid a flurry of announcements for Snappy Kraken. Last week it was announced as a partner organization of the Onyx Advisor Network for underrepresented advisors.

On Wednesday, Snappy Kraken will open the doors to its first Shake! Conference in Las Vegas. Originally scheduled for October 2021, the Jolt! The Financial Advisor Marketing Conference will bring together members of the new Advisor Websites team for the first time.

Snappy Kraken is also present at the Today’s technology toolsor T3, Advisor Technology Conference happening this week in Denton, Texas.

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