Six complete basic solar and electrical installation courses offered by UPP candidate, Franz deFreitas

Some of the students take a photo op with the host, Alex Spencer

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By Theresa Goodwin

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Six enthusiastic students, including a parent and a child in two cases, graduated on Saturday with the skills to carry out basic electrical and solar panel installations after taking a class led by local solar panel technician Alex Spencer .

The courses were held at a campaign office which was established with the St John’s City South constituency for United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate, Franz deFreitas.

According to Spencer, the basic electrical and electronics course covered areas such as the most common type of electrical components, characteristics of electrical components, functions of certain conductive devices, and troubleshooting.

They also analyzed parallel circuits and series circuits, as well as structuring. For the solar aspect of the course, a wide range of topics were also covered.

“The course lasted 11 weeks and I think the students now have a basic understanding of electronics and solar installation. There are a few who have made great strides in knowing and doing more. All of the students also got hands-on experience as they were able to build their own circuits and understand how they work,” Spencer said.

Joan Sampson, one of the graduates, said she had a keen interest in the area and found it very easy. She took the course with her son, a second alumnus, to inspire him ahead of the new school term.

“He may not have understood it, but by the time he gets to school he will start to connect the dots. Overall it was a very good initiative, there is room for improvement. improvement, but it’s a good program,” said Sampson.

Kenez Anthony explained that “although I had experience with this stuff, there was a lot of stuff that I didn’t understand before and understand now. Overall it was a very educational experience. and I would recommend it to everyone”.

Another student, Emanuel Maynard, told the Observer he learned a lot about solar panels and how they work.

“At first it was a little confusing, but after going through the notes it became easier. The class is very underrated, not many people knew about it and what they could learn from it. I’m in class for three months and I learned quite a bit, but if you spend at least six months in this class you will learn everything you need to know about solar panels,” Maynard said.

Meanwhile, the UPP candidate for the region said the main objective of this and other ongoing exercises is to equip school leavers and others with the basic skills needed to get jobs. , starting with the entry level.

He said the initiative was also launched from a need identified by residents of the South Constituency of St John’s City.

“One of the fastest ways to upskill community members is to give them tools, trades that will help them find jobs so they don’t have to depend on others, steal or steal , sitting on the corner and doing nothing,” said De Freitas.

In addition to the course that just ended, an after-school program is underway at the branch where students are offered free CXC courses.

De Freitas also added that program offerings will be expanded in the coming months and will also intensify “when I succeed at the polls.”

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