Shemelive announces the launch of its fashion shopping app

LONDON, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Shemelive announced that its fashion shopping app has launched overseas, targeting the European and American women’s market. Shemelive is an online celebrity fashion social e-commerce platform under British Shemelive. As of March 2022, Shemelive has thousands of influencers and millions of consumers, and the growth rate is quite fast. SHEIN’s rise from obscurity to popularity has attracted many viewers. Although fast fashion is fierce competition in the field of cross-border e-commerce, entrants continue to pour in endlessly. Now the circuit is getting busier and the competition is getting fiercer. To entice users into a deal, new users of Shemelive have a free chance to draw a blind box, which can be worth up to $500, and a 0.99 yuan trade area for newcomers, where over 500 new items are introduced each. week.

Shemelive combines user recommendation ratings with buying power and offers great products from around the world that consumers can easily buy. Since its inception, Shemelive has indeed taken a unique development path. Official presentation of Shemelive: Shemelive is a lifestyle platform for young people. Shemelive users are both consumers and users. Shemelive is mainly a cross-border e-commerce platform for shopping, dressing, skincare, makeup and food, and women are paying more attention to this content. From traditional commerce to the Internet industry, women have been recognized as pioneers. Their love of “shopping” and commercial nature combined with the economic conditions brought by income gives them higher consumer power. In user lockdown, Shemelive targeted white-collar workers and students, which can be seen as an effective combination of economic strength and consumer will. Among these mainstream groups, some of them have relatively stable incomes, some have enough time, some have a high purchase frequency and have a desire to share content. Shemelive provides them with a sharing platform, which is undoubtedly a great joy for those who have purchasing power but little shopping experience. With the development of the platform, Shemelive has moved from original staff to automatic distribution, which uses machine learning to match shared content to interested users. This change also makes Shemelive increasingly “easy to browse”. A brand will not survive long on the strength of consumers alone. Shemelive can quickly become popular, which is inseparable from its own operating concept, its business model. At the same time, the obvious users bring to the community discussion more emphasis on makeup, bags, health care products and other women’s topics. In terms of user usage, Shemelive also targets user usage scenarios: it is expected that users can take advantage of the fragmented time brought by mobile devices to hang out or share their product shopping experience in the community of sharing, and at the same time stimulate users’ purchase desire for the high-quality shared products, so as to stimulate the sales of newly launched products with such induced consumption, and achieve a high conversion rate of community e-commerce. Equally important are the needs of Shemelive’s distinctive user base. Users can get simple product information, especially physical image, brand, price, origin, etc., and can share their access to high-quality products.

Shemelive has Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube accounts, all of which have amassed over 10,000 followers. On these social media sites, Shemelive also works with influencers to promote the brand and boost sales by offering them sponsored products and perks like 30% commission. Many creators who contribute to Shemelive have become masters or are aiming to become masters. Shemelive online celebrities pay attention to the nature of goods and endorsements. Once users have a large number of fans, many advertisers will come one after another. Using your fans to earn money and your speaking rights to promote consumption can constantly enhance one’s sense of honor and status. Looking back at the explosive content of Shemelive, the absolute is fairly standard content, and the use of rigorous and professional labels, to share content writing considerations, can see that it is very professional, and again more professional individuals or organizations, Shemelive has become a web celebrity platform, and building the platform, is to give the user the real social value. In the era of winner-take-all flow, once in any platform trapping the heat, traffic will always turn around. TikTok has attracted too many users eager to become internet celebrities, and Shemelive is doing the same. Shemelive has more comprehensive functions than TikTok, so it is a layout-worthy traffic carrier. But with social value, growth is no longer difficult.

Users have the idea of ​​pursuing beautiful things and striving for beauty, which is consistent with Shemelive’s goals and conducive to mutual progress. Many users use Shemelive like Tiktok and Wikipedia. On Shemelive, users can query what they want to know, browse videos and live stream. It is convenient for users to use multiple platforms, a phrase said the core of the Shemelive’s stream. Shemelive: “grow grass” attribute promotes strong KOL of life sharing category, such as Vlog, beauty makeup category leads all the way, photography, fitness, fashion wear, light food performance. Here to discover the real, progressive, diverse world, find the way of life, meet interesting stars, creators; Here, users will find a wealth of beauty tutorials, travel guides, food and fitness routines, and more. Come to Shemelive, mark life, share daily life, share and discover a more wonderful world together!

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