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Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday unveiled Hindi textbooks for MBBS students as part of the Madhya Pradesh government’s ambitious plan to provide medical education in the relevant language.

In a unique move, Shah released the Hindi textbooks of three subjects – biochemistry, anatomy and medical physiology – as part of the National Education Policy 2020 and called it an important day in history. Technical, polytechnic and legal education will also soon be conducted in Hindi, he said.

“This day will be written in history in letters of gold. This moment marks the renaissance of the education sector in the country,” he said at the launch at the Lal Parade Ground here.

“It is a moment of restructuring of the education sector in the country. I am proud to say that the government of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is the first to effectively implement the New Education Policy (NEP) in the state. Within six months, engineering and polytechnic courses will also be launched in Hindi,” he added.

The Center’s NEP supports the provision of vocational training in regional languages.

Shah said that in the 21st century, some forces adopted the “brain drain” theory (migration of skilled professionals), but Prime Minister Modi changed it to “brain gain” theory.

“Dadabhai Naoroji had put forward a theory about the depletion of wealth as foreigners brought wealth from India to their country. Now foreigners are trying to drain the brains of our youth by imposing education in their language to end the power to think, understand and express. By introducing mother tongue education, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned it into ‘brain gain’,” he said.

The thought process takes place in his own mother tongue, Shah said, quoting former South African President Nelson Mandela: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you speak to him in his own language, it touches his heart.

Students in the country will have no inferiority complex of not knowing the English language and they can study with pride in their own language, the Union Minister said. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is speaking Hindi on international platforms to send a message to the world. It builds the confidence of young people in India,” he said.

Shah said 10 states have started translating engineering course books into regional languages. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Kerala and Gujarat are among the states that have launched the initiative.

“There is going to be an educational revolution due to the restoration of pride in our languages ​​through Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s NEP and the provision for technical, medical and legal studies (which will be available in Hindi) in the country,” he said.

“Not only will we impart education, but we will also arrange for research and development in regional languages. We have started to organize joint entrance examinations, a national admission test for eligibility and examinations for the University Grants Commission in 12 languages ​​and a common entrance examination in 13 languages,” he said. declared.

Chief Minister Chouhan, who also spoke on the occasion, said the launch had brought a “new dawn” in the lives of poor children.

“Today Amit Shah has brought a new dawn in the lives of the children of the poor, who could be admitted to medical colleges but who have been caught in the net of English and often fail to pass the exams and dropped out,” he said.

“People laughed at this decision but by translating the books into Hindi, we proved to them that nothing is impossible. A team led by Minister of Medical Education Vishwas Sarang and made up of doctors did a great job,” he added.

This move will bring a big change in the advancement of Hindi language education, Sarang said.

Doctors, however, have expressed apprehensions about translating the MBBS books.

“It is not enough to translate three books to say that MBBS can be taught in Hindi. A medical student studies so many books to clear up the concept and here we limit his knowledge to three books. I know it’s an ongoing process but it should be very quick otherwise many students will be affected,” said a senior doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, Congressman Kunal Chaudhary attacked the state government and pointed out that its efforts to start engineering courses in Hindi had not yielded results.

“They just translated three books and made it a huge event. They lied to the Union Minister (Shah) saying that they will start Hindi engineering in the next six months. In fact, they had already started engineering in Hindi last year and it failed,” he said.

Responding to Chaudhary’s remarks, BJP spokesman Rajneesh Agrawal said, “Congress leaders are used to criticizing everything. This initiative will benefit poor students from rural areas, especially tribal ones. Time will tell that history was created today.

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