Preserve paper documents with this iOS scanner app and donate to children in need

If modern life has taught us anything, it’s that the more reinforcements you have, the better off you are, especially if you’re going to school or learning new skills. The iScanner app for iOS makes it easy to save anything on paper as a digital file, making it easy to edit and share.

The App Store’s #1 scanning app

Ranked #1 scanner app on the App Store after over 80 million downloads, iScanner combines optical character recognition with machine learning on iOS devices. It can read printed and handwritten characters and convert them to text which can be edited, searched, copied, shared, annotated and edited.

When you capture a document, iScanner uses advanced color correction and noise removal to produce a flawless copy. The app offers specialized modes for certain documents (like passports) to ensure the best possible image.

After scanning, you can edit and merge your scans with other documents just as you would with digital files. This can help ensure that visa applications, financial reports and other sensitive documents are properly packaged without struggling through piles of paper.

iScanner supports PDF, JPG, and TXT formats for easy sharing across devices and platforms, including iPhones, iPads, email and messaging apps.

iScanner also comes with a suite of quick response features. For example, a QR code scanner limits app switching and immediately opens links in print scans. iScanner’s measurement tools help you spot specific paper sizes, so your print job goes smoothly.

The app can even count objects and offer answers to simple math equations as needed, making it handy for doing homework or tracking inventory.

As Gizmodo the dish“The iScanner app is another example of clever use of an always-connected camera to do more than just make photos look better.”

Save on a lifetime subscription to iScanner

Paper notes should not be trapped in notebooks. A lifetime subscription to iScanner makes it easy to go from print to digital for just $39.99 forever (usually $199).

Until August 24, during our Back to Education event, 50 cents of your purchase will support a school or charity. You’ll be emailed to vote on organizations tackling issues like underfunded schools and food insecurity, so you can help children in need while investing in your own education!

After your purchase of iScanner, search for an email. Open it and you can vote for the charity you want your donation to go to. After the promotion ends on August 24, we will announce which organization finally received your contribution.

Prices subject to change.

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