Of course Megan Fox looks badass in her Expendables 4 costume

The following Consumables The movie is currently touring in the UK and Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and more come back for this long-awaited adventure. All Consumables movie before has always added fun new members to the ever-expanding cast, and this fourth installment is no exception. Among those joining the new film is Megan Fox, and she seems ready for action.

Three new cast members have officially been confirmed its membership filming in progress Consumables Curtis film “50 Cent” Jackson, Tony Jaa and former Transformers co-starring Megan Fox. While we have no idea what roles these three new actors will play, we can be sure Megan Fox is going to kick someone’s ass based on how they look in the movie.

(Image credit: Megan Fox Instagram)

Megan Fox shared a pair of pictures to her Instagram stories showing her character in costume. It only labels one of the images with a Consumables 4 label, so we know that’s why, but we don’t get any additional information.

Megan Fox is dressed in black, even her hair, and I’m pretty sure she could break bones with these boots alone, so she’s not like anyone you’ll want to play with. Whether she is teaming up with Stallone and company in the new movie, or battling them, anyone can guess, but whoever she faces should probably not underestimate her.

Megan Fox is certainly no stranger to action movies, but most fans are probably used to seeing her in big CGI movies like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She was rarely able to fight in these movies, but that’s clearly the plan here.

(Image credit: Megan Fox Instagram)

Consumables 4 will be one of the most publicized movies we’ve seen Megan Fox in quite some time. Following the two Ninja Turtles films, the actress continued to work, but in smaller films and on television, as well as doing clips with Machine Gun Kelly.

One of those recent films, however, was called Thug and it gave Megan Fox a real chance to stretch those action movie muscles in a way that will likely come in handy in Consumables 4. In that movie, she played a mercenary and that’s also what Team Expendables is too, so Fox should feel right at home.

Consumables 4 was a long time to come, and it’s a movie that at one point we thought we’d never get, so fans of the franchise are probably looking forward to this one. Even Sylvester Stallone had given up on the film previously, so whatever the subject of that film was, it was an idea that was good enough to bring him and a lot of the main cast back. Consumables 4 currently has no official release date.

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