No accounts, government money for books can not reach students | News from Gurgaon

Gurgaon: The education department has asked all education officials in the district to ensure that everyone’s bank accounts are opened. students as soon as possible following multiple complaints about the non-transfer of direct benefits to students, mainly due to problems opening bank accounts.
The current academic session is coming to an end, but teachers and school principals admitted that over 35% of students enrolled in grades 1-8 have yet to receive the direct benefit transfer for textbooks and free uniforms. Recently, the education directorate released money for textbooks for students in grades 1 to 8, but many could not benefit from it.
Teachers alleged banks were refusing to open accounts while students, who opened bank accounts, now face verification issues due to inconsistency in details such as their Aadhar card numbers or their thumbprints. They also noted that students who are permanent residents of the state are not at risk, but students of migrant workers have had difficulty opening bank accounts.
“We have been highlighting this problem since July. Banks do not open accounts, especially for children from migrant families. Bank officials require proof of local address and refuse to open accounts without it. In addition, the parents did not go to the banks to rectify the problems of mismatching documents. All this means that thousands of students do not benefit from government programs, ”said Haryana District Chief Prathmik Siksha Sangh Dushyant Thakran.
Recently, the teachers’ union had met with the director of primary education and informed him of the problem.
Now the school education directorate has sent a letter to all district education officials asking them to coordinate with block education officials and school leaders to remove all barriers to opening bank accounts.
“The ministry asked us to complete the bank account opening exercise, and only then will the ministry release money through the Public Financial Management System (PFMS). We have informed all education officials in the block and school principals to speed up the process of opening bank accounts and to contact us if they need help, ”said an official from the department. education.
The teachers, however, claimed that similar instructions had already been issued, but nothing came of it. They demanded that the education department organize camps in schools and order the administration to ensure that banks cooperate with schools.

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