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Mangaluru: The IT branch is becoming the most preferred, regarding the change of branch at National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) Surathkal. It is followed by other computer-related branches.
This academic year alone, 41 students changed branches. NITK Surathkal students can change branches after completing their first year. Those who have achieved a good GPA and passed all prescribed credits on the first attempt, at the end of the first year, are eligible to switch branches.
Manjunatha Sharma K, Associate Dean (UG) said that every year 40-60 students change majors. However, switching branches is only possible if there are vacancies in any BTech course. Seats become vacant each time a candidate leaves the course midway. The same places can be allocated when changing branches after the end of two semesters. “The preferred branch is computer science, followed by information technology, electronics and communication, electronic engineering and others. The most preferred branch preference may also change from time to time, depending on the current trend in the industry,” he said.
The change of branch is done by category, such as OBC, female quota and others. Those who have achieved an CGPA of seven, for the booking category only, and above, are eligible to apply. “The change of branch helps a student to follow the course he was unable to follow when he was admitted. To change the branch, two factors are very important: first, the candidate must have good academic results, and also the availability of places in a particular branch,” said a faculty member. Mining is the least preferred course for the branch change.

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