New interactive online Bible study course works well for local volunteer minister

EDEN – A new interactive educational platform to help make Bible study more engaging and easier to understand was rolled out this school year and is proving successful for a local youth pastor.

The free publication Enjoy Life Forever! — An interactive Bible course is available in more than 700 languages ​​on the official Jehovah’s Witnesses website and includes multimedia elements that encourage critical thinking and discussion between student and instructor.

“I have found that the videos, images, and comparative slides help engage students, articulate their ideas clearly, and keep them engaged,” said David Huff Jr., a volunteer minister at Eden.

The digital version of Enjoy Life Forever! — An interactive Bible course contains quick-access scripture links and over 200 videos. Printed copies are designed for use with the JW Library app or to access videos that make Bible study more accessible to everyone.

“This method helped my student better understand and remember the main points better,” Huff said, after using the post in Bible study discussions with an autistic person. “The videos had a big impact on his learning; now he prepares his study in advance and examines additional documents himself.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been publishing Bible study aids for more than a century, and US spokesman Robert Hendriks said, “Our approach is to reach people’s hearts by engaging their minds. That’s how people learn. »

He added: “Although we have always favored the printed page, we have adapted our methods to meet the needs of learners.

You can also find self-paced online Bible study lessons at that cover the following topics: the Bible and its author, the Bible’s main characters, and the Bible’s message of hope. All content on the website is free, without registration or subscription.

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