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EDMONTON, July 21 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) and the CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC) have launched a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance Course to enable startups and small and medium enterprises to develop strong ethical and governance foundations for AI-based products. The interactive workshop, led by machine learning experts from Amii, helps companies reduce the risks of responsible AI product development by emphasizing ethics, governance and fairness. With increasing attention paid to the social, cultural and economic impacts of AI on all sectors of society, the course offers a concrete pathway for companies looking to minimize the downsides while reaping the benefits of AI systems.

Aimed at both business leaders and technical teams, the course allows participants to:

  • Have a solid foundation in understanding ethical issues in AI;
  • Discuss the positive business impacts of an equity-focused approach to AI adoption;
  • Identify ethical risks within an organization in terms of applying AI; and
  • Plan next steps to continuously identify and mitigate the risks of AI adoption.

“As AI is embedded ever deeper into products and services, it’s critical that companies have strong governance frameworks in place,” says Keith Jansa, Executive Director of CIOSC. “This program will give participants a good understanding of emerging standards in this field and equip them with the tools they need to ensure they are building and operating AI systems responsibly.”

The course provides participants with a greater awareness of ethical considerations in AI, an understanding of the factors to watch out for within an organization, and practical approaches companies can take to ensure the responsible development of AI systems. . Rounding out the content, the course also includes case studies on the ethics of specific AI applications, a focus on AI governance structures, and offers actionable strategies and frameworks that businesses can use to develop and improve their own AI standards and practices. The course also helps companies take the next steps by connecting them with resources and support to establish strong ethical AI practices through the AI Ethics and Governance Registry.

“Every year, more companies are turning to AI for their next competitive advantage, and with that growth comes an increased need for training and resources to guide responsible development of the technology,” says Stephanie Enders, Vice President of Products at Amii. “As an organization committed to AI for good and for all, Amii is proud to work alongside the CIO Standards Council to lend its expertise to help businesses avoid future risks by developing an understanding of the best practice.”

The course comes at a time of increasing emphasis on AI standards by government and many other sectors of society. With the $443 million renewal of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, the Government of Canada recently announced plans to advance the development and adoption of AI-related standards and conformity assessment program. Through this AI governance course, companies can take meaningful steps to ensure compliance and develop their own internal frameworks to support responsible AI development.

About Amii

Amii (the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute), one of Canada’s three AI Centers of Excellence under the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, is an Alberta-based not-for-profit institute that supports research in leading edge in artificial intelligence and learning progress towards industry adoption. Amii develops AI capabilities by advancing cutting-edge research, providing exceptional educational offerings, and providing business advice, all with the goal of developing internal AI capabilities. For more information, visit

About the CIO Strategy Council

The CIO Strategy Council is Canada’s national forum that brings together the country’s most forward-thinking chief information officers and technology leaders to collectively mobilize around common digital priorities. Cutting across major sectors of the Canadian economy – public, private and not-for-profit – the Council harnesses the collective expertise and action of Canada’s CIOs to propel Canada as a digital first nation. The CIO Strategy Council is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and develops standards that support the data-driven economy. Learn more about


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