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July, 1stst means a host of new laws will come into effect in Tennessee. Here is an overview of some of them.

Local school systems must now post the curriculum and changes to the curriculum at the start of each semester.

School districts will need to practice for remote learning situations, and teacher training programs should include virtual learning councils.

Under legislation passed earlier this year, until July 1, 2025, if you retire from a school you can return as a teacher, substitute, bus driver, etc. without loss or suspension of pension benefits as long as certain conditions are met. .

From July 1stevery school district employee who works directly with children, not just teachers, must undergo training on how to spot the signs of human trafficking.

The state can withhold money from schools if they do not use a student’s sex at birth to determine eligibility for athletic participation.

A new law prohibits transgender women from participating in higher education women’s sports.

A new law effectively criminalizes homelessness by expanding existing laws and making it a crime to camp on any public property, as well as making it an offense to camp along a highway.

The Tennessee Department of Security will now have to perform a criminal background check every four years after someone obtains a concealed carry permit. The agency will charge a $50 fee to renew the permit and may deny concealed carry permit renewal to anyone who is prohibited from buying or possessing a firearm.

Nicholas’s law also goes into effect on Friday and treats a second browsing under the influence (BUI) offense the same as a second driving under the influence (DUI) offense, meaning it’s prohibited. the person operating a land or water vehicle until such time as they can apply for reinstatement of their operating privileges.

The CROWN law prevents employers from discriminating against people with certain hairstyles, including braids, locs and twists or other styles that are part of the cultural identification of an employee’s ethnic group.

Find a list of other bills that will take effect on July 1 here.

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