National Capital named one of the 35 best investment websites in New Zealand

On October 30, 2021, National Capital was named one of the best investment websites in Feedspot’s Top 35 list, becoming the first KiwiSaver consultancy to make this list.

National Capital regularly posts content related to KiwiSaver to promote financial literacy in New Zealand. Launched in 2018, they are on Feedspot’s list alongside established companies over 20 years old such as ShareChat and the APIA Blog.

Although based in Auckland, National Capital helps Kiwis across the country make informed decisions about which KiwiSaver fund they choose. Currently, National Capital is seeking funding from several KiwiSaver vendors to offer their clients a comprehensive and free advisory service through their KiwiSaver HealthCheck.

“We want to post some really useful information and KiwiSaver news. National Capital content strategist Chelsey Johnston said. “It’s great to see us on the Feedspot list alongside other websites that have been around for decades. It means that we are doing something right and helping people.

The Nation’s Capital regularly posts KiwiSaver performance updates to all KiwiSaver providers. They also publish content focused on first-time home buying, retirement planning, and ethical investing.

Clive Fernandes, Director of National Capital, said of the rating: “National Capital’s mission is to educate New Zealanders about their financial well-being and to prepare them for their future goals. Being recognized as one of the top investment websites shows that Kiwi is using us as a valuable source of information, which is great news. We will continue to produce quality content that will bring us closer to achieving our mission of helping a million Kiwis become financially secure.

This is not the nation’s first achievement in 2021 – this year alone they have doubled the number of KiwiSaver vendors they seek and have reached $ 40 million in KiwiSaver funds under their guidance. The increase in the number of vendors they are looking for gives their clients more choices for fund selection. With a focus on customer education and an unbiased approach to their KiwiSaver advice, they expect further growth in the new year and throughout 2022.

For more information on KiwiSaver and to complete the “KiwiSaver HealthCheck” visit

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