Minnesota Multimedia develops websites and everything digital from the Washington Square Mall


Within a group of office suites, formerly the Travel Travel site, Minnesota Multimedia does everything digital, from advertising designs to web development for its clientele.

Sole owner and operator Kyle Meacham said starting his own multimedia business frees him from illogical employers and pride as he sets his own rules and charts his own way forward.

Kyle Meacham, owner and operator of Minnesota Multimedia, smiles from outside his office inside the Washington Square Mall in Detroit Lakes, October 6, 2021 (Michael Achterling / Detroit Lakes Tribune)

“I name Minnesota Multimedia as web development and design,” Meacham said. “And I also do print and graphics. I actually run the largest digital sign in Detroit Lakes, right next to Lakes Country Upholstery.”

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It’s 14 feet by 48 feet, he says. His company manages the 10 to 12 advertisements that circulate every six seconds for motorists passing on Highway 10.

Meacham moved around a lot as a child. He grew up in Dodge City, Kansas, and moved to Detroit Lakes when he was in his third grade. He was enrolled in special education classes by his parents at school after being diagnosed with autism. After graduating he tried to go to college, but only lasted a few weeks as he struggled so much with math and writing, he said.

This led Meacham to join the workforce where he knew a wide range of employers, but ultimately didn’t have a goal until he decided to start his own business. He moved to the Washington Square Mall in August.

“I’m tired of not having a goal,” Meacham said. “I like being able to work from 8 am to 11 pm and they are not going to tell me that I have to stop working because I am a workaholic.”

He said he also loved the freedom to set his own schedule and build something on his own from scratch, based entirely on his own credibility and skills.

At a recent event at the Pavilion in Detroit Lakes, Meacham volunteered to host the children’s games outside of the event, but he also had a laptop with him. In addition to keeping an eye on the kids, he ran a ticketing portal for an online Florida film festival on his open screen.

His company, Minnesota Multimedia, develops websites for clients including the city of Detroit Lakes which commissioned Meacham to create the city’s 150th anniversary website. He said the prices for building websites can range between $ 500 and $ 1,000 depending on the complexity and use of the site, but, Meacham added, he doesn’t mind going from long hours.

“I finished (the DL150.com website) in less than a month,” he said. “At the moment, I manage eight websites. I had nine, but some people keep their websites and some don’t. “

Minnesota Multimedia also has a stable of client-realtors who contract with Meacham to post their listings consistently on different real estate websites, as the process can be time-consuming for busy realtors living on the move.

“The real estate agent would normally do this on their own and it’s a lot of work,” Meacham said. “There are so many real estate agents and so many brokerages out there.”

He also does print, digital and graphic design for local businesses looking to improve their advertising.

Meacham said he encourages any local business that wants to update their online personality or create digital ads unique to their business to visit the Minnesota Multimedia website.

“On my sign (outside the office) it says ‘ethical, professional and honest’,” Meacham said. “It’s about me. I like to be ethical, professional and honest about everything.”


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