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The University of Sheffield has become the first higher education organization in the UK to launch a specialized personalized app to support its staff facing or affected by menopause.

  • The University of Sheffield is the first university to make a personalized menopause support app available to all staff
  • More than 350 staff members have subscribed to the assistance service provided through the Peppy app which provides access to expert menopause practitioners and advice for staff facing or affected by menopause.
  • The University aims to guarantee all staff members the same opportunities to develop; regardless of age, age changes, gender or family circumstances

The University of Sheffield has become the first higher education organization in the UK to launch a specialized personalized app to support its staff facing or affected by menopause.

An estimated 13 million women in the UK are peri- or post-menopausal, most of them experiencing symptoms of menopause in their working lives. Although it is a natural part of the aging process, it is often considered taboo, preventing many people from getting the support they need.

The ambition of the University of Sheffield is to create a friendly workplace for menopause, de-stigmatizing the subject and leveling the playing field for postmenopausal women. To do this, the University has given free access to all staff and their partners to Peppy, an innovative app-based service that provides access to expert menopause practitioners, offering a convenient support mechanism, emotional and mental.

Professor Katherine Linehan, Chair of the University’s Gender Equality Committee, said: “About half of our workforce will experience menopause in their lifetime and the symptoms can negatively impact both work and home.

“Unfortunately, this has rarely been talked about in the workplace and it could mean that many coworkers who show symptoms of menopause, which can include women, non-binary, intersex and transgender people, may not have not getting the help they need when they have symptoms.

“We hope this is another important step in our efforts to close the gender pay gap, improve staff well-being and make a meaningful difference in the experiences of our entire university community. “

About 46% of the university’s female staff are between 40 and 60 years old. Almost 300 staff members signed up for the Peppy Health app in the first four weeks after launch.

Mridula Pore, CEO and Co-Founder of Peppy, said: “We are proud to have partnered with the University of Sheffield, the very first university in the UK to offer specialist menopause support to all of their employees with Peppy. The education sector is one of the largest employers of women of menopause age – providing this support shows that the University of Sheffield is a dynamic employer, committed to the well-being of its staff and the diversity of its workforce.

Linda greaves, is one of the staff at the University of Sheffield who downloaded Peppy Health, she said: “I downloaded the app a few weeks ago now and have spoken on several occasions with the Peppy team who have been incredibly helpful and reassuring. They have provided me with a report of my session in mind- on a one-on-one basis so that I could take it to my GP, and it certainly played a big role in getting the help I needed.

“Knowing that there is someone to talk to who is able to provide help and advice and even just an ear no matter how trivial my questions are has been such a relief. Knowing that I am receiving expert help and advice is not only very beneficial for me, but also for my family and friends.

Sonia Rizzo, a staff member also using Peppy added: “I also took advantage of the professionals who are there to answer all questions, I can send a message on Peppy and get an answer in a few hours, sometimes earlier. They are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, genuinely friendly and kind.

“Accessing the Peppy app reassured me that my employer is committed to supporting everyone affected by menopause, which will give people the confidence to strike up a conversation about how it affects them. at work. I am fortunate to have a great line manager and can be open with her when I am struggling with symptoms. I see Peppy as another support system.

Ian Wright, Director of Human Resources added: “A key part of the University’s vision is our commitment to create an inclusive, supportive and collaborative work environment where colleagues feel empowered to be themselves and have access to what they need to be successful and s ‘flourish at work.

“To build on this, as part of our work to advance gender equality, it is important that this includes support for menopause in the workplace. Our whole approach is to improve the lived experience of all of our colleagues, and we view our partnership with Peppy to provide specialist menopause support as a step on that journey. “


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