Matric Exams 2022: Six Free Websites for Last-Minute Preparation

There are only three days left until the October/November 2022 Senior National Certificate matric exams start on Monday and this year, with shedding and other unnecessary distractions looming above our heads, the matrics will need all the help they can get.

Year-end exams can be tough and all the pressure seems to be right above the 2022 harvest to succeed and lead the country into the future. This year, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best free resources we think can help students prepare for their exams.

Remember that nothing will actually outperform your studies, but these sites can improve your performance significantly if used correctly. All of the resources on this list are free, and some don’t even cost data access.

Here are six free websites to help you prepare for your matric exams

Integral Calculator

The first website on this list is more for your general “quality of life” while studying math. We all know math is hard and your scientific calculator will only get you so far.

Integral Calculator will save you time during your math studies and might make visualization a bit easier.

With this free online tool, you can calculate integrals and see what the integer formulas look like, as well as the corresponding graphs. If you have difficulty with trigonometry: SIN, COS and TAN – this might help you.

The Ministry of Basic Education website

Sometimes the best place to get information about upcoming exam time is directly from the horse’s mouth. Resources on this site are available without registration.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) website has many resources for students preparing for the big test. Papers passed to a online video learning center.

DBE NSC Exam Portal has earlier posts dating back to 2006, but the new matrices should focus on the latest ones as they will be most similar to the tests you will write in November.

The portal has previous articles in several languages covering just about every topic, even South African Sign Language has articles ready for review. The documents are ready to download in PDF format and can also be viewed using a smartphone.

Straight line

Straight line is a free online platform created by a team of Cape Town developers currently in beta phase. The application uses systems similar to online games and different types of videos and images to facilitate learning.

All you will need to sign up for Beeline is an email address and then you can enjoy all the learning content it has to offer.

Earlier this month we spoke to one of the co-founders from Beeline and we learned that the platform had been tested by matrix learners. To this end, there is a learning path dedicated to help matrics prepare for exams.

These learning paths teach you some skills that can improve your exam writing, and with Beeline’s unique teaching method, it will be easier and more fun than traditional learning. Try.

MTN Online School

If you’re struggling with data costs in terms of accessing e-learning material, look no further than MTN’s online school.

Launched last year by MTN, the the platform is zero-rated, which means it won’t use any smartphone data. All you need to register is a phone number, on which you will receive a unique PIN code once you register on the site.

Afterwards, you can register for a course. Matrics can leverage language learning materials, math, math literacy, accounting, business studies, history, and many other subjects, including the arts.

Once a course and grade have been selected, you will be able to enjoy the lessons created for that course using a multimedia approach. For example, English has Classes which include PowerPoint presentations with added audio and videos.


Hosting both free past papers and memos for matric exams, EduHub is a free and lite app for smartphones only available for Android devices.

It has compilations of tutor videos and study guides aimed at helping not only matricians but also 10th and 11th graders prepare for their tests, all neatly packaged in one single platform.

EduHub is constantly updated by a passionate team led by developer Brandon Wilson and aims to specifically help underprivileged students easily find and take advantage of past documents and memoranda.


For a free comprehensive center of all available matrix exam information, with access to television and interactive learning, look no further than the recently released government WozaMatrics online platform.

Thanks to WozaMatrics, you can easily check out a YouTube channel that has a series of playlists courses to prepare maths for their end-of-year exams, including revisions for maths, English and other subjects.

On the WozaMatrics platform, students can contact teachers on a Telegram chat server called “Velle” and can even submit questions on a WhatsApp line where a “subject specialist will answer”. Unfortunately, WhatsApp line and Telegram server were not available at the time of writing.

Hopefully some of the options on this list will make studying for upcoming matric exams a little easier. We wish you good luck !

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