Maharashtra government launches e-learning app for students who returned from Ukraine

Maharashtra’s Minister of Medical Education, Amit Deshmukh, on Thursday launched an e-learning solution for medical students who have returned from a war-torn country, Ukraine and launched a mobile information app from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik. A live demonstration was offered to students and their parents who were present during the virtual launch.

“I am very happy and congratulate MUHS VC and its team for accelerating the work of developing a homestay type course for students who have returned from Ukraine. Today (Thursday) is World Health Day and on this occasion it is a timely effort by MUHS to launch the initiative,” Deshmukh said.

Deshmukh also said efforts were underway to ensure MUHS has its own college. “Steps are being taken by the state to introduce a medical school, a hospital and a research center and we hope to complete the process of establishing the college before MUHS celebrates its silver jubilee next year,” did he declare.

It was envisaged that the MUHS would have its own college. However, in the meantime, Nashik Civil Hospital started operating from Maharashtra Post Graduate Medical and Research Institute where professors were recruited and 30 doctors joined.

“The goal is to possibly look at dual medical and doctoral programs and instead of being a mundane institute, the effort is to promote it as an integrated health school,” Lt. Gen. (retired) Madhuri Kanitkar, Vice President. Chancellor of MUHS, told The Indian Express.

Earlier, Lt. Gen. Kanitakar said at least 900 students who returned from Ukraine have signed up for the e-learning solution and there is room for more.

“After studying the curriculum taught to students in Ukraine, we realized that they have a different way of teaching. It is not possible to merge this system here. So, with the help of our experts and renowned medical publisher Elsevier, the digital content was prepared for a three-month course. This gives students the opportunity to study at their own convenience and convenience. Students must register on the MUHS website and then access the content,” Lt. Gen. Kanitkar said.

The content has been prepared by subject and students can choose the curriculum given to them by their university in Ukraine, Lt. Gen. Kanitkar added. Digital content will be provided free of charge to students.

The modules have been prepared to provide practical training in bed during the summer holidays. We will open a facilitator discussion forum for difficulties and also offer hands-on workshops. Our experts will also be available for one-on-one consultations to resolve any challenges students may face. We are also planning to create another app just for student issues, projects and grievances.

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