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In Rogersville, every Sunday afternoon, Of One Accord organizes a course on biblical citizenship. It helps us understand biblically, historically, and constitutionally the duty and responsibility of every Christian living in America today.

The course is not political, but teaches responsibility and applications helping participants understand how to live your faith in your role as husband or wife, parent or child, profession or classroom every day of the world. ‘year.

Biblical Citizenship is an 8-week course every Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in the meeting room at the back of the Market Place building across from the Shepherd’s Center in Rogersville.

The lessons are done by video with questions and comments following each lesson. After the first class on January 9, the consensus of those who attended was that every Christian should follow the course information.

If Sunday afternoons aren’t convenient, a national course began Monday, January 10 at 7 p.m. that residents can watch online by registering at: https://www.patriotacademy.com/coach/register/583 Biblical citizenship is not a radical theology with an unusual ideology.

It is the same simply understood gospel interrupted the same way our founding fathers understood the Bible. If there is one group that has changed, it is 21st century Christians who have stopped marketing their faith.

A new term has been coined has surfaced recently, we hear in America. It strikes a negative, almost disgusting impression to whoever hears it. It’s RINO, Republicans in name only.

A pastor said churches had been full of nominal Christians for many years. This would refer to people who do not practice the principles and applications spoken of in God’s book of instructions.

For Christians who do not understand how to implement their beliefs in everyday life, Biblical Citizenship would be very helpful.

In the first class, Rick Green becomes the lead teacher along with a large group of supportive pastors and church leaders from across the country.

Part of the class is taught with input from David Barton, whose organization, Wallbuilders has over 100,000 original documents and writings from America’s Founding Fathers, and Kirk Cameron who helps viewers unravel the mystery of the monument , left by the pilgrims as a guide to establish a nation to enjoy freedom and freedom.

Almost hidden in a Massachusetts forest, the Monument, inaugurated in 1889, contains in simple images the great wisdom of the founding families. The components of this important, but little-known monument teach Christians how they can preserve America as a shining city on a hill and an example of freedom to the world.

Part of the course will be to study America’s founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Mysteriously, the founding documents that were part of all school curricula have been removed from classrooms.

Students will no longer find stories teaching them the faith of our founding fathers or how the founders relied on God calling for days of prayer and fasting during these critical moments of crisis in the shaping of our nation, through its perils often to this day.

In another very informative Bible study called The Truth Project, participants learn that the only way to change the future direction of a nation is to first change or remove its history. Some modern school systems are beginning to eliminate the course of history altogether.

According to the Patriots Academy website, their stated purpose is: “Throughout our history, American pastors and churches have played a vital role in establishing and preserving religious and civil liberty.

To be “salt and light” requires knowledge of the culture we are trying to preserve and influence as we fulfill the Great Commission and “disciple all nations.” Being biblical citizens requires knowledge of biblical principles and how to apply them to the world around us. You and your church can be the catalyst for restoring biblical values ​​in your neighborhood, state, and nation.

The course is led by Patriots Academy coach Woody Boyd. For more information, call 921-8044

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