Inmates take a craft class to take on a new job

TEHRAN – A training course in the field of Giveh-bafi, the traditional Iranian shoe, is currently taking place at the central prison of Zanjan, announced the provincial deputy head of tourism.

Due to the appropriate support for the production of this artisanal product in this region, it is hoped that in the future inmates will become part of the gaveh producers in the province as a result of these workshops being held in men’s prisons. and women, Elnaz Khodaifard says Saturday.

In addition to providing jobs, the free workshop will be a source of income for the prisoners, the official added.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the course is conducted under strict health protocols and social distancing rules, she noted.

In August, the official announced that prisons in the Northwest Province were offering craft training courses in an attempt to empower inmates.

The classes consisted of hands-on workshops in the fields of leather goods, traditional jewelry, as well as the cutting of precious and semi-precious stones, she explained.

The classes, which were taught by experienced master craftsmen, are also intended to create jobs for post-prison inmates and become a source of income for them, the official said.

This traditional shoe, produced on the Iranian plateau for millennia, is very light and resistant. However, it was more common in the past and was worn by farmers and villagers. This garment has very unique characteristics. For example, it is very suitable for arid and mountainous climates, it is very light which reduces the sweating of the feet. He does not have a left or a right foot, the two are the same. These characteristics gave the shoe international popularity and made it a unique product.

The upper part of Giveh is usually made of cotton yarn, while the sole is made of textile, leather or plastic. The making of the rod is entirely carried out by the women in their homes. They sew the rod with a kind of needle called “Javaldooz”. But it is the men who make the soles because more strength is needed. This part is usually done in the workshop.

In the past, givehs did not have specific sizes, but they were made in 3 general sizes: small, medium and large. They are mostly white. However, sometimes the craftsman makes them in colors like blue, red or black depending on his own taste or at the request of the buyer.

The Ministry of Tourism helps empower inmates

In October 2020, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts signed a memorandum of understanding with the Organization of Prisons, Security and Corrective Measures to create jobs and generate income for inmates.

The MOU also aimed to implement special educational and promotional programs, identify talented prisoners and improve their social status.

Deputy Tourism Minister Pouya Mahmoudian said handicrafts made by prisoners have been displayed in various exhibitions and income generated from the sale of these products has been donated to prisoners and their families.


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