Impossible to force parents to buy expensive books and change uniforms: the Delhi government warns private schools. See the details

The Delhi government on Thursday warned private schools of strict measures if they forced parents to buy expensive educational materials and uniforms from it or any specific supplier, according to the news agency. PTI report.

Schools have also been told not to alter the color, design or any other specification of uniforms for at least three years. The Directorate of Education (DoE) said in an official order that private schools are run by trusts or corporations and have no scope for profit and marketing.

According to the DoE order, “schools must post the list of books and writing materials by class to be introduced in the upcoming session in accordance with the rule well in advance on the school’s website, and (this should also be communicated clearly to parents via other media.”

In addition, schools will post the names, addresses and phone numbers of at least five stores near the school where books and uniforms will be made available to students, he added.

“However, schools are not permitted to force parents to purchase these items from any of the selected vendors in particular. Parents may purchase books and uniforms from any store as per their convenience and convenience” , the statement said.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the order will bring relief to parents struggling to pay hefty fees for books and uniforms in private schools.

“Many households have lost their source of income since the Covid-19 pandemic hit two years ago, making it difficult for them to buy expensive books and uniforms from specific stores that charge arbitrarily,” a- he declared.

The ordinance will give freedom to parents across the city to buy books and uniforms for their children as they see fit, said Sisodia, who holds the education portfolio.

“Parents of all private schools have the right to have clear and appropriate information about books and uniforms before the start of the school session, so that they can organize them from the place of their choice,” said he declared.

No school has the authority to force them to buy books or uniforms from a specific vendor. The main cause of education should be “to build the future of the nation, not to mint money”, the Deputy Chief Minister added.

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