How the Agidingbi 1851 app bridges the gap between history and education


During the colonial period, the Education Ordinance provided for the study of history. It was an interesting topic in the school curriculum during the days of Nigeria’s independence and the height of nationalism. The story was featured in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) program designed to prepare students for admission to universities. After a national conference on the curriculum was called in 1969, history was suppressed from elementary and secondary school curricula. Over time, this affected the level of high school.

This did not suit the educated elite. In different countries of the world, the history of the people is crucial for formal learning. To prepare for the future, people must learn from the strengths and mistakes of the past. Therefore, history is effectively taught in other parts of the world not only with books but with audiovisual teaching aids and sometimes, visits to actual historical sites, which makes learning so fun.

It is for this reason that a cultural activist and archivist, Oludamola Adebowale developed the Agidingbi 1851 application which is fashioned after the game of chess to teach the history of Lagos in a fun format. Named after the landmark year in Lagos’ colonial history, the Agidingbi game app from 1851 contains the six essential pieces named after key players in the history of the British invasion of Lagos.

These are: Erelu-Kuti of Lagos as Queen Mother, Oba of Lagos as King, Adamu-Eyo as Rook, Omo Ogun Eko as Pawn, Eletu = Odibo as Mad and Abagbon as knight.

The creator of the 1851 Agidingbi game app, Oludamola Adebowale described it as his “pandemic experienceto immerse users in the history of colonial Lagos.

The 1851 Agidingbi game app is created to fill the void created by the education system by effectively teaching certain aspects of our history to the younger generation. With this app we can involve the younger generation and develop their knowledge of history using the game method, ” he said.

More than just a game, the Agidingbi 1851 is Nigeria’s 1st Variation on the theme of the history of chess. The product comes in the form of an application and a board game. The game (application and board) will be launched soon to commemorate the 170e Anniversary of the bombing of Lagos.

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