Health care market registration with children’s books on wheels

CONROE, TX – Children’s Books on Wheels (CBOW) is hosting Marketplace Listing Support through January 15, 2022, with a toll-free appointment. Healthcare market browsers offer services in multiple languages ​​to facilitate registration.

This year, more families will benefit from financial assistance through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) which significantly reduces premiums. 4 in 5 people will be able to find plans for $ 10 / month or less after further expanded financial assistance. Plans are comprehensive, quality health plans that offer doctor visits, emergency care, preventive care, hospital care, and prescription drugs. Consumers who register before December 15 can get coverage starting January 1.

Every health plan in the marketplace offers the same set of essential health benefits, including doctor visits, preventative care, hospitalization, prescriptions, and more. Comparison plans allow families to make a choice based on price, benefits, and other features.

Financial assistance is available, and it is expanded in two ways. First, it includes more consumers at higher income levels, and second, it offers even better financial aid options than in the past. Consumers can enjoy increased financial assistance on high quality health care plans when they purchase coverage. The new COVID Relief law has reduced premiums for most people with Marketplace health plans and expanded access to financial assistance for more consumers.

Each year, health plan options change in terms of cost, coverage, and participating providers, which is why it is important for consumers with plans to come back and compare plans because they may find something better and more affordable. Health insurance coverage options that fit your budget and meet your needs. When you apply for coverage, you can see all of your options and sign up. For an appointment, contact Executive Director, Rita Wiltz, by calling 281-844-7596 or emailing [email protected] Spanish speaking families can contact Maria Cortes at 713-322-4283 for an appointment.

“Time is running out to register,” said Rita Wiltz, Executive Director of CBOW. ” Do not be too long !

Children’s Books on Wheels was established in 2004 as a 501c3 non-profit organization providing access to free books to all communities in Montgomery County. Seventy-five percent of the population served by CBOW is at or below the poverty line. Rita Wiltz, Executive Director and Founder, with her mobile team, travels to community events, churches, businesses and other non-profit organizations in the counties of the north, south, east and l ‘Where is. Each year, around 8,000 books are distributed throughout the community.

Other services offered by CBOW include assistance from social services in multiple languages ​​to unserved and underserved people, including free tax services all year round by IRS certified volunteers, at no cost to eligible people, Project Re- Training assistant set for technical fields that require OSHA10 or OSHA30 Training, Confined Space, First Aid + DEA and Forklift Training, and KIDSTECH digital literacy to make reading accessible to all. In addition to the family sessions of Project FUEL “A breath of fresh air”.

The mission of Children’s Books on Wheels is to promote literacy by providing books and educational literature to Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and their families. Learn more about children’s books on wheels by visiting their website or by contacting Rita Wiltz at 281-844-7596 or by emailing [email protected] Learn more about children’s books on wheels by visiting their Facebook page

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