Hayden AI Obtains Patent for Safe Sense Traffic Violation Reporting App

SAN FRANCISCO–()–Hayden AI, a global leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, has been granted a patent for technology that collects, analyzes and verifies user-generated traffic incident reports using intelligence artificial. The patent was issued on October 18, 2022 and has US patent number 11,475,766 B1.

Scaling traffic control significantly enough to change driver behavior has long been a challenge for cities and towns. Hayden AI’s Safe Sense app, which deploys the technology systems and methods protected by this patent, enables individuals to improve road safety and efficiency by reporting bike lane violations, bus lane violations, and traffic violations. other traffic incidents with their mobile phones.

“User-generated traffic incident reports can fill a huge gap in traffic law enforcement and make streets safer for vulnerable road users, like cyclists and pedestrians,” said said Bo Shen, CTO and co-founder of Hayden AI. “But assessing and verifying large numbers of reports is impossible for law enforcement to do manually. Hayden AI’s now-patented solution to this problem enables civilians to contribute to road safety by reporting incidents and enables law enforcement and parking and planning agencies to understand where and why most incidents occur.

Safe Sense app uses artificial intelligence to analyze image evidence, incident types, timestamps and other attributes of each report to verify if a breach has occurred and identify trends incidents. This trend analysis allows government agencies to make data-driven decisions to improve road safety and efficiency.

About Hayden AI

At Hayden AI, we pioneer real-world problem solving powered by AI and machine learning. From mapping bus lanes and bus stops to modeling digital twins and more, our customers use our mobile perception system to speed public transit, make streets safer, and create a more sustainable future. Our privacy-first approach ensures that our technologies comply with security and privacy regulations and protect personal information while fostering innovation. For more information on Hayden AI, visit www.hayden.ai.

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