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Getcetgo Login online app download: To help students in their preparation for CET and NEET, Karnataka Department of Higher Education has introduced Getcetgo app and portal. This type of application and portal will help students who are preparing for competitions such as NEET, JEE and KCET. Students can log in to the website with a username and password. The government aims to provide quality online education for smart students.

In this article, we have compiled information about Getcetgo app and portal.

Update: The Online Crash Course for NEET, KCET and JEE is now available for all GetCETGo users.

GetCetGoWeb Portal and App

Category of articles Web portal and mobile application
App name Getcetgo app and portal
Application launched by state government
State name Karnataka
Application Platform Android-based
Objective Assist students in their preparation for CET and NEET
Launched by Chief Minister of Karnataka B.S. Yediyurappa
Official site

GetCetGo Online Crash Course

Karnataka CM Shri BS Yediyurappa on Monday launched an online crash course for all students preparing for their competitive examinations namely NEET, KCET and JEE. Students who had registered on the portal can access such a facility by simply paying a minimum amount of less than Rs 40/-. This type of initiative will help students deal with the challenges they are facing due to COVID.

What is GetCetGo?

The government of Karnataka has launched a mobile application, a web portal for students so that they can prepare for their competitive examinations while being at home. Through this app, students will get comprehensive study materials in the form of practice papers, chapter tests, mock tests, learning through videos, and more.

As we know last year due to lockdown in the country, every section of society and students are no exception. and the students who are preparing for the exam totally rely on such a web-based platform which will offer them quality content regarding their exam keeping in mind these student challenges. The state government of Karnataka has released an app named Getcetgo.

Purpose of GetCetGo

The main aim of this app is to offer the best study material to aspirants who are preparing for NEET and CET. Students can get the study materials from the portal by logging in with a registered username and password. An application is also available online for students. The Getcetgo is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for Android phones for free. The app is initiated by the Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa and is developed by the Karnataka Examination Board in conjunction with the Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation (KEONICS). Now after launching this app, it will be easy for students to get free coaching from NEET and CET. They can access the online coaching class through this app.

Further in this article, we have compiled the information about this app like how to download the app and how to use it. Read on to get complete information about this app;

How can you take free online coaching on GetCETgo?

As Getcetgo is an online platform for CET and NEET preparation, students will need to log into the website. To login on the website to pass the study materials available there, the aspirants will need a login ID and password. Unlike other apps here, students are not supposed to register online on the app.

This official study portal launched by the Government of Karnataka will be connected through an ID and password issued by the department to the mobile number of students who have completed the NEET and CET application form. To access the portal, students will need to enter the username which is also the role number for CET and NEET. It is essential that students connect their PC or laptop to the Internet to use the portal for study purposes.

How can a student download the GetCETgo app?

Students can view the website online through their laptop or desktop computer. Moreover, students can also download the app on their Android mobile phones. The app is available on the Google Play Store where it is free and anyone can download it. To download the application, it is not enough to complete the NEET and CET application. To use the app, students will need to download two apps available on the Play Store, the GetCETGo app and the Edureader app.

After downloading both apps, learners will need to allow them access to their mobile phones. Both apps will not be able to work properly until you allow all the required permissions. Now you need to enter your username and password to get the study materials from the app. Here too, you will have to use the same username and password that you received on your registered mobile number.

What will the Get CET app offer?

Now let’s see what content the app will offer you. The app contains everything you need for your NEET and CET preparation, such as a synopsis, questions relayed to study material, practice questions for homework and mock tests. All study material will be available online by subject. You can easily download the study materials if you have Wi-Fi connection and internet access. According to the Getcetgo website, the download speed of the study materials is relatively very fast. Here, the typical time to download one of the content packages will be 30 seconds on a fast wifi network and 3-4 minutes on a slow data card. After downloading the content, you can easily access it in offline mode as well.

How to download the Getcetgo app?

Here we have compiled the instructions to download the Getcetgo app. It will be easier for you to prepare for NEET and CET exams after downloading the app on your cell phones and this gadget is always easily accessible to everyone. Here are the step by step instructions to download the app on your mobile phones;

Step 1: To download Getcetgo Android app, students will first need to visit its web portal;

2nd step: Now they will have to scroll down the page and in the middle of the page they will find the Getcetgo App APK link.

Step 3: To get the app, you will need to click on the link and the app will download to your phone.

Step 4: After downloading the Getcetgo APK app for KCET & NEET lesson preparation, you will receive the CET ID – Password to login.

Step 5: On the right side of the homepage, you will find the Login option. Click on the Login link, the link will redirect you to where you will need to enter your username and password

Step 6: Now click on the login box and enter the CET ID and password to login.

How to get Getcetgo login information?

You will get the login credentials to access this application on your mobile phone. Here is the process to get the login details to get the study materials from this app.

Step 1: To login to the KCET & NEET course, you will first receive a CET ID – Password on your mobile number. This will be the same mobile phone number you mentioned in your application form.

Step 2: To login to the application, you will need to enter the received details and press the submit button.


What is the Getcetgo app?

Getcetgo app is an online platform launched by the state government of Karnataka to assist NEET and CET applicants 2020.

How can I download GetCetGo Android mobile app?

To download the application, you need to open the Play Store on your mobile and search there for GetCetGo from the available search result, tap on the required link. Students can also visit its official portal by visiting

Where can I find the username and password to log in to the application?

You will get the login information on your mobile phone.

Where can I get the exam related video from in GetCetGo?

For the video, students should go to the official GetCetGo YouTube channel which is

What is Edureader and why do we need to download the same/

The main function of Edureader is to read the document available in the application and without it you cannot access the documents available in this application. So, along with GetCetGo app, you also need to download Edureader.

Why can’t I find GetCetGo app in IOS store?

Currently this app is available on Android platform and soon will be available for IOS users.

Is resuming a test install available in the app?

No, students who have taken a test once cannot retake it, but it can be retaken multiple times.

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