Funny websites to keep you from scrolling doom – Part 3

From simplifying Netflix searches to delving into imaginary future timelines, these websites offer value for time and fun.

October 07, 2022, 12:45 p.m.

Last modification: October 07, 2022, 12:56 p.m.

Screenshot from Agoodmovietowatch website


Screenshot from Agoodmovietowatch website

Videos, memes and images fade before your eyes as you swipe across your phone at breakneck speed – nothing really catches your eye – but the scroll of fate never stops. Here, to make you forget the monkey scrolling on your back, here is the third edition of the list of fun websites. This time the list includes websites that guide you through obscure movies and series to websites that will let you learn the ropes of videography!

Find the list of the best movies to watch on Agoodmovietowatch

This is a recommendation site, not a streaming site. The content on Agoodmovietowatch is handpicked from all streaming services of all genres and curated for every mood. If browsing undiscovered movies and series is your thing, then this website is the perfect stop.

The selections are highly rated with at least a 70% user score combined with a 70% reviewer approval score. Which means that even if they aren’t highly rated, they still make for a great watch. The other great thing about Agoodmovietowatch is that you might find a completely unknown series that will become your watch to watch.

Discover the future with Futuretimeline

William James Fox, a London-based futurist and writer, started Futuretimeline in 2008. The website started its journey as a relatively small website without much traction. In its nascent phase, it contained a brief list of future predictions.

However, the website has since grown exponentially to include lengthy and detailed timelines. You can go from today to the next century and beyond. And if you really want to move on, you can even take a peek at the end of the universe itself!

The website proved to be more popular than expected, attracting a large audience and a number of writers contributing new forecasts and ideas in response to its unusual, challenging and even terrifying content. Other features, such as a blog and social networks, were later added. Since then, Future Timeline has continued to grow and grow into a global community of futurology aficionados.

Get rid of unused accounts with Killyouaccount

How many accounts have you created and then lost sight of? Whether it’s accessing a pdf on some obscure website or downloading the mp3 version of a song, we have unused accounts littering the webosphere that we don’t access but the spam messages on our main email account remind me of our hasty decisions.

Killyouraccount is a one-stop solution to delete such accounts. The website compiles deletion instructions and simplifies account termination. It’s a good way to take a break from the black mirror that is your smartphone for a night, and delete to put an end to those spams.

Streamline Netflix searches with

Relaxing time on Netflix shouldn’t be wasted by endlessly scrolling through the list of offerings on the streaming platform. However, the process of narrowing down your options doesn’t have to be so difficult, thanks to the best streaming sleuths on the internet. You can find more specialized genres using Netflix secret codes than the few standard codes it lists for viewers.

Netflix offers a variety of horror movies, including teenage screams, zombie horror movies, horror comedies, and more. Let’s say you’re looking for a romantic movie, but that’s too straightforward a category to find precisely what you need. The categories can’t tell you if this one is a fun and enjoyable romance and the other is a quirky romantic movie with quirkiness.

Netflix Codes The website gives you the option to apply nuances to your search and has a comprehensive list of codes making the search process simple and quick as well. Next time you hit Netflix, just plug in the codes and settle in for some much-needed entertainment.

Learn a new skill with

Why scroll through videos when you could create your own?

Mixkit’s fantastic music videos, music tracks, sound effects and video templates are all available for free. The website meticulously curates music, models, and music videos from some of the world’s most notable creators and makes them all freely available.

With new video assets added every week, the free library is growing fast! You will always be able to download the perfect high quality item for your project. Without attribution or registration, you are free to download as many movies, audio and templates as you want.

This website makes life easier for video content creators, especially for beginners. And it can be a great tool for learning a new skill.

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