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In the summer of 2021, a couple from Surrey set out to create two children’s books.

Author Daniel H. Lee and his wife, illustrator Yoon Kyong Lee, self-published “Lonk the Loooong Giraffe” and also “Rupert and his unusually useful briefcase.”

Both aimed at school-aged students, the books are sold on Amazon as e-books, paperbacks, and hardcover editions.

A teacher, Daniel said he loves reading picture books to children. So he took care of posting one with the help of his wife, as a “pandemic project” in their home in the Fleetwood area.

“Over the summer we still couldn’t do a lot of things, really, and we just pushed ourselves to do it,” Daniel said.

They planned to do just one book, “Lonk the Loooong Giraffe”.

“My wife drew these illustrations almost 17 years ago, so she stayed in the house and we told stories about them. It was perfect timing – we had the time and the desire to edit it like a real book. So it was partly a pandemic project. The first was more about my learning how to integrate into Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, the publishing part.

The book “Rupert” quickly followed, involving a storm of Yoon Kyong illustrations.

“For the second one, I had the story and my wife went ahead and did the illustrations, which she did in two and a half weeks, probably – morning to night, lots of 10 days. hours, ”Daniel explained. “Once she embarks on a passion project, she can draw or paint for a whole day, so that’s what she did for ‘Rupert’, and I was shocked because I thought that it would take months, basically. So we just said, “OK, let’s release the second one as well,” at the end of August. This one was done in four weeks.

Yoon Kyong is an art teacher for young children, and Daniel works as LST teacher (Learning Support Team) at Senator Reid Elementary School in North Surrey. Their biographies are posted on

Yoon Kyong studied art in South Korea, then taught and ran an art school for young students for many years before settling in Canada. “She enjoys singing songs of praise, talking with friends, and walking outdoors in nature. As a young girl, she remembers being “Wonder Woman” and resisting bullies, as well as being extremely curious with all forms of nature and wildlife, “the bio reveals.

Daniel studied education, business, journalism, applied linguistics, psychology and even a little drawing. He has written articles for newspapers and magazines, created educational books in South Korea, and has previously re-read Harlequin Romance novels in Toronto.

“It’s kind of a dark and dirty secret,” Daniel said with a laugh. “I did it for two years, and my shift was 5 to 1 a.m. because they needed a lot of proofreaders and had two shifts. I read about two or three books a week, which makes nearly 300 Harlequin Romances that I’ve read in those two years. It was fun – a great group of friends, and we had the whole building to ourselves. Reading for seven or eight hours at a stretch every night, my eyesight got pretty bad after those two years, so that was enough.

For the Lees, another book is already in the works, and it could be an extended family project.

“In terms of picture books, I have a bunch of stories,” Daniel noted. “My youngest son Jaden is starting college (at SFU) and has some illustrations for a book idea. So there might be one that involves it as well. He also designed the publishing logo, Namu Press, for our books.

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