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Cloud Firewall, the firewall-as-a-service component of the Netskopes Secure Access Service Edge Platform, has been updated with Application Control giving users greater oversight, according to SDxCentral. Explaining the upgrade, Naveen Palavalli, vice president of GTM product strategy at Netskope, said the additions are an improvement over the old port and protocol-based security rules. The upgrade provides users with a unified method to leverage Web Proxy, Cloud Access Security Broker, and Cloud Firewall to protect all inbound and outbound traffic, according to Palavalli. In response to the recent increase in domain name system attacks, Netskope’s firewall service is now able to host new DNS security features, marking a departure from legacy security tools that rely on technologies based on whitelists or signatures. If you then look at what’s really going on in the threat landscape, attackers realize that DNS is a soft underbelly, Pavalli noted. Pavalli added that the company is increasing its efforts in using artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to predict how cybercriminals use domain generation algorithms in their DNS-based attacks.
Banned Books Week Puts Censorship On The Front Page, Students Speak Up – The Daily Texan https://houread.org/banned-books-week-puts-censorship-on-the-front-page-students-speak-up-the-daily-texan/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 06:41:06 +0000 https://houread.org/banned-books-week-puts-censorship-on-the-front-page-students-speak-up-the-daily-texan/

One thousand one hundred and forty-five book titles by 874 different authors, 198 illustrators and 9 translators are banned from school shelves across the United States, based on data collected by PEN America from July 1, 2021 through March 31.

Of the 50 states, Texas ranks first, banning 801 books in 22 districts, according to a PEN America report released on Monday.

From Sunday, Banned Books Week puts the freedom to read on the front page. The annual event, sponsored by a coalition of organizations including the American Library Association, GLAAD, National Coalition Against Censorship, PEN America and many others, highlights the need for free and open access to information.

Common reasons for bans and challenges include “inappropriate” sexual content, “offensive language” and material “unsuitable for any age group”, according to the American Library Association. However, these reasons target books critically dealing with race, gender, class, sexual orientation and more, from Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” to “All Boys Aren’t Blue” by George M. Johnson.

While that remains the reality for many school bookshelves, Akiya Blake, a freshman in broadcasting, said the book ban limits student education. Coming from a high school with free access to educational materials and literature on topics considered controversial such as reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ issues and racial injustice, Blake said all students should have the right to read freely.

“If people are interested in something and want to know more about it, they shouldn’t come across (content and literature) that’s banned,” Blake said. “It gets in the way of them and what they want to learn.”

Sharon Obinna, a first-year speech, language and hearing science student, said banning books and teaching materials inhibits student growth in the classroom, especially books like “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, which tackles topics such as racism and colonization.

“If you ban, say, ‘Things Fall Apart’, that’s a whole part of a culture that you’re not allowing people to learn about,” Obinna said.

Although not currently enabled the prohibited list collected by PEN America from July 1, 2021 to June 30“Things Fall Apart” has faced challenges in Texas in the past for its critical portrayal of colonialism, according to the National Coalition Against Censorship.

Deborah Lin, head of mechanical engineering, said censorship can lead to a slippery slope when it comes to who has the power to decide what is allowed or not.

“How can we regulate something that is so subjective for everyone? Lin said. “Who is the right person to decide what should be censored? We have to be very careful with censorship. If we censor (something) then we just believe we are in our own space and everything is going our way. I don’t know if the government should be too involved in something like this.

Obinna said she believes censorship in public education limits more than it helps, leading her to hope for a future where lawmakers care about tackling often overlooked issues.

“My hope for the future is that lawmakers become more open to hearing these stories,” Obinna said. “For education in general, women’s health (is) not something that can be explained very well in schools, and that bothers a lot of young girls. Lawmakers should be more open to (topics like this) because it helps people grow.

Resident concerns lead to new plans for Grand Blanc golf course https://houread.org/resident-concerns-lead-to-new-plans-for-grand-blanc-golf-course/ Mon, 19 Sep 2022 16:06:55 +0000 https://houread.org/resident-concerns-lead-to-new-plans-for-grand-blanc-golf-course/

Residents of Grand Blanc are not giving up on making their voices heard regarding the future of the now abandoned golf course on Perry Road. Once again, the plans for the old The Jewel will be presented and the locals are ready to react.

In January, The Jewel’s new owners, Statewide Management, LLC., based in Macomb Country, Mich., had hinted at plans for the property. At that time, Grand Blanc City officials reported that the new owners had discussed changes, including developing the north side of the existing property by omitting 9 holes from the playing course.

Last month, plans surfaced revealing the company planned to add 124 new single-family homes and condominiums to the once-popular golf course location. Along with this announcement plans also omitted part of the once popular public golf course and this was not exactly welcomed by owners who had appreciated their home being located on the course.

At the Greater White Planning Commission meeting for the past few months, many residents expressed their thoughts on the proposed project, citing concerns about property values, traffic and infrastructure. Tonight, Monday September 19, the commission will meet again and residents along the GBPC will hear the plans adjusted by the current owners.

According to ABC12, the new plans call for 52 residents to be built on a new street to be added along the west side of Genesee Road north of Perry Road. This development will be called Queen’s Meadows. Along with this, 91 additional homes would be built on the east side of Genesee Road in an area called Queen’s Highlands.

People wishing to know the complete plans can attend the meeting of the planning commission scheduled from 6:30 p.m. at the Grand Blanc town hall.

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Using 2022 data from Tripadvisor, Stacker compiled a list of top-rated mini golf courses in all 50 states, including Washington D.C.

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South Side Sox Bird App Recap: White Sox 11, Tigers 5 https://houread.org/south-side-sox-bird-app-recap-white-sox-11-tigers-5/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 19:47:07 +0000 https://houread.org/south-side-sox-bird-app-recap-white-sox-11-tigers-5/

It’s early on a Sunday morning, but apparently it’s White Sox baseball time, so buckle up because it’s probably going to get weird again.

Luis Robert is still not in good health. Why don’t they put it on the IL???

Joe Kelly is on family medical leave.

Eloy “tests” his legs early.

Two out, two out, a 2-2 count and Gavin Sheets hit in the first inning of the day to make it 1-0, Sox, in the first.

Vince Velasquez starts this must-have game – and starts it terribly.

AJ Pollock quickly leveled the game in the second with a solo right shot, and the game is now 2-2.

Akil Baddoo walks, but a fantastic throw from Seby Zavala catches him stealing second to finish second.

Not much for either team in third and fourth, but Vinny Velo calmed down after that tough first run.

Another double steal for Elvis Andrus and Yoán Moncada puts runners in second and third for Eloy with two outs in fifth – and he walks, to load the bases.

Gavin drapes himself…

Who takes a four-ball walk to make it 3-2, Sox.

Jason Foley is now for the Tigers and makes a 1-2 error to Andrew Vaughn, who rips a grand slam in right field. It’s 7-2, Sox in the fifth.

José Ruiz takes over from Velasquez and makes it 1-2-3 in the fifth, with two strikeouts.

Ruiz isn’t as good in the sixth, as he charges in with no outs. He is replaced by Jimmy Lambert…

… who walks quickly while running.

A Jeimer Candelario sack fly cuts the lead to 7-4, Sox, and the Twins finally win against Cleveland:

José Abreu walks and Eloy absolutely erases a ball for a home run to make it 9-4, Sox in the seventh.

Seby drives a ball left which drags Gavin Sheets from second. It’s 10-4!

Eloy hits a ball into deep right field from Andrew Chafin, scoring Abreu from the first, and now it’s 11-4 in the eighth.

Tanner Banks was good on the seventh, but gives up a home run to Javy Báez on the first pitch of the eighth. We do not care? The Sox lead, 11-5.

Tanner Banks ends the game with a three-out save, the first of his career. The fate of the Sox is in Minnesota’s hands until Tuesday, when the Sox take on the Guardians.

Tell the truth :

The ball goes far, the team goes far

I wonder what was the problem so far???

Quincy University to Host Town Hall Forum on Banned Books in Schools and Libraries on Monday – Muddy River News https://houread.org/quincy-university-to-host-town-hall-forum-on-banned-books-in-schools-and-libraries-on-monday-muddy-river-news/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 16:04:17 +0000 https://houread.org/quincy-university-to-host-town-hall-forum-on-banned-books-in-schools-and-libraries-on-monday-muddy-river-news/

QUINCY — The University of Quincy’s Departments of Political Science and Criminal Justice are sponsoring a Town Hall Forum to celebrate Constitution Day from 2-3 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19 in the Hall of Fame Hall at QU.

Constitution Day is a national observance commemorating the formation and signing of the United States Constitution on September 17, 1787, recognizing all who became citizens. This year’s forum will debate whether offensive books should be banned from US schools and libraries.

“In this discussion, we will use the Constitution as a starting point as we grapple with the tension between freedom of speech, the health of our political community, the demands of meaningful education, and our care for young people,” Neil Wright, associate professor of political science, said in a press release.

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OSU to close Hawk’s Nest in Wayne County and sell golf course property https://houread.org/osu-to-close-hawks-nest-in-wayne-county-and-sell-golf-course-property/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 09:45:33 +0000 https://houread.org/osu-to-close-hawks-nest-in-wayne-county-and-sell-golf-course-property/

CANAAN TWP. − Nearly 15 years after the Hawk’s Nest golf course was donated to Ohio State University, OSU announced that it would close all 18 holes by Dec. 15 and sell the property.

Rising maintenance costs, aging infrastructure and the inability to use the property for educational purposes drove the decision, according to a press release from the College of Food, Agricultural and Agricultural Sciences. the USO environment.

Status Bulletins:Wayne and Holmes schools show post-COVID recovery, progress still needed

Hawk's Nest Golf Course was donated to The Ohio State University 15 years ago by Earl and Betty Hawkins.

Associate Dean and CFAES Director Ann Dorrance confirmed the news, adding that the closure will provide funding for construction projects at the Wooster Agriculture Campus.

“It was a tough call, but if our students and teachers don’t use it, then it should go to the private sector,” she said.

The golf course’s future remains uncertain, Dorrance said. It will be up to the next owners.

“Evaluation is still ongoing,” she said, so no asking price has been determined.

A golf course and a classroom in one

Golfers end a round on the 18th green of Hawk's Nest.  The Wayne County Golf Course, owned by Ohio State University, is closing in December, according to an announcement from the university.

While the 18-hole golf course that sits just south of Creston is primarily for golfers, it has been used by OSU students and faculty as part of the CFAES grass program.

According to the OSU website, the program teaches students the science and business of turfs in commercial, residential, and recreational settings. In short, they learn to plan, budget and maintain all types of lawns.