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WANT to be Ireland’s top social media influencer?

Soon there will be a college degree for that.


New SETU University of Technology Set to Approve Degree in Social Media ContentCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The course is planned to be a four-year program


The course is planned to be a four-year programCredit: Alamy

The country’s first influencing course is set to start in Carlow in September 2023, according to a Business Post report.

The four-year degree will be available at the new Southeast Technical University (SETU) and aims to equip students with the skills needed to gain social media followers.

The content and social media creation course also includes business training and academic theory, according to the report.

A social media placement will also be included in the course.

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The degree has not yet been given the green light, but the final stage of approval is underway.

Dr Irene McCormick, Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, Teaching and Learning at SETU, told Business Post: “It’s about teaching people what’s behind it, making them more business, but also you are better at what you do if you understand the conventions. , if you understand the fundamentals of what you do.

Last summer, the college professor hosted a summer school for high school students, courtesy of IT Carlow.

She said: “There are huge numbers of media graduates now getting into media marketing, working in the online space because the vast majority of jobs are in the online space right now. It’s a booming area that, unless we lose all the power, won’t go away.

SETU is not the first university in the world to offer a degree on how to become a social media star.

In 2019, an Italian university created a three-year degree program on how to become an influencer.

In the United States, Duke University offers a class called building global audiences, known as the TikTok class.

And earlier this year, Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland launched a degree program providing professional training for social media influencers.

And here in Ireland, Coláiste Dhúlaigh, a further education college in North Dublin, launched a one-year social media course in 2021.

Social media users were quick to react that students will now be able to learn about it, though on the third level.

One Reddit user said, “What’s the lesson – being hot, desperate for attention, and loud and obnoxious?”

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However, others have been supportive of the course, with many agreeing that it will likely be a modernized version of a digital marketing degree.

One person said, “Colleges already offer courses in social media skills with marketing, so it’s not much different.”

Duke University in the United States already offers a course on how to become a TikTok influencer


Duke University in the United States already offers a course on how to become a TikTok influencerCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Love’N App is launching a new project in the crypto industry where users can earn by kissing. https://houread.org/loven-app-is-launching-a-new-project-in-the-crypto-industry-where-users-can-earn-by-kissing/ Fri, 20 May 2022 00:45:06 +0000 https://houread.org/loven-app-is-launching-a-new-project-in-the-crypto-industry-where-users-can-earn-by-kissing/

Love’N is a kiss-to-win app where holders can receive rewards by kissing their loved ones. The platform is built on Binance Smart Chain and offers many unique features.

The era of social media 4.0 and blockchain has covered the whole world, where people can find love and share happiness with just 1 phone, 1 phone app, 1 mess or even. with a single icon. But do you know that after all there will be one thing in common. It is an indispensable kiss in love. Nobody loves without kissing. So what’s the difference to kissing in the blockchain? That is, you can earn money through our Love’n app. Love’N is a kiss to win app, when you kiss, the reward will be more than a kiss.

The Love’N app is based on the Binance Smart Chain platform. In version 1.0, you will have 3 challenge packages to choose from: 1 minute, 3 minute and 5 minute kiss challenge. The app will be integrated with AI through the camera to analyze when two people’s lips touch each other continuously during the selected period. The countdown will run continuously until the challenge is completed. In addition to the scientifically proven benefits of kissing, you will receive an additional symbolic reward that corresponds to the challenges you have chosen, that’s the point

In the next versions of the app there will be more features developed, there will be events and gift shops 4.0 developed on the metaverse space.

With a young team but full of enthusiasm and experience in the blockchain industry, coming from many countries around the world, we understand many different cultures, and both of them will bring all the passions to make Love’N app the most successful blockchain project and definitely opened a new trend in 2022.

Website: https://loven.finance

Telegram channel: https://t.me/LoveNK2Eann

Telegram group: https://t.me/LoveNK2E

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoveNToken

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Love’NKiss/videos

Media Contact
Company Name: Love’N
E-mail: Send an email
Country: Vietnam
Website: https://loven.finance

Press release distributed by ABNewswire.com

To view the original version on ABNewswire, visit: Love’N App is launching a new project in the crypto industry where users can earn by kissing.

Government websites and apps use the same tracking software as commercial sites: Concordia research | Education https://houread.org/government-websites-and-apps-use-the-same-tracking-software-as-commercial-sites-concordia-research-education/ Thu, 19 May 2022 19:00:00 +0000 https://houread.org/government-websites-and-apps-use-the-same-tracking-software-as-commercial-sites-concordia-research-education/

It’s no secret that the business websites and mobile apps we use every day are tracking us. Big companies like Facebook and Google depend on it. However, as a new paper from a team of researchers at Concordia shows, companies aren’t the only ones harvesting our private data. Governments around the world are integrating the same tracking tools and allowing large companies to track users of government services, even in jurisdictions where lawmakers enact laws to restrict commercial trackers.

The authors of the article performed privacy and security scans on over 150,000 government websites from 206 countries and over 1,150 Android apps from 71 countries. They found that 17% of government websites and 37% of government Android apps host Google trackers. They also noted that more than a quarter – 27% – of Android apps leak sensitive information to third parties or potential network attackers. And they identified 304 sites and 40 apps flagged as malicious by VirusTotal, an internet security website.

“The results were surprising,” says the paper’s co-author, Mohammad Mannan, an associate professor at the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE) at the Gina Cody School for Engineering and Computer Science. “Government sites are publicly funded, so they don’t need to sell information to third parties. And some countries, especially in the European Union, are trying to limit commercial tracing. So why do they allow it on their own sites? »

The paper was presented at the Association for Computing Machinery’s WWW ’22 conference in late April. Current PhD student Nayanamana Samarasinghe, recently graduated MSc student Aashish Adhikari (MASc 21) and Professor Amr Youssef, all from CIISE, co-authored the paper.

Involuntary but invasive

The researchers began their analysis by building a seed list containing tens of thousands of government websites using automated search and crawling and other methods between July and October 2020. They then performed in-depth analyzes to retrieve links in the HTML page source. The team used instrumented tracking metrics from OpenWPM, an automated open source software used for web privacy measurements, to collect information such as scripts and cookies used in the code of websites as well as device fingerprinting techniques.

They tracked Android apps by searching Google Play store URLs found on government sites, then examining developer URLs and email addresses. Whenever possible, they downloaded the apps — many of which were geoblocked — and scanned them for built-in tracking SDKs.

Analyzes revealed that 30% of government websites had one or more JavaScript trackers on their landing pages. The most well-known trackers were all owned by Alphabet: YouTube (13% of websites), doubleclick.net (13%) and Google (almost 4%). They found some 1,647 tracking SDKs in 1,166 government Android apps. More than a third – 37.1% – came from Google, with others from Facebook (6.4%), Microsoft (2.1%) and OneSignal (2.9%).

Mannan notes that the use of trackers is not always intentional. Government developers most likely use existing software suites to build their sites and apps that contain tracking scripts or include links to tracker-infused social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

No other option

Although the use of trackers is widespread, Mannan is particularly critical of jurisdictions such as the EU and California which claim to have strong privacy laws but which in practice are not always very different. others. And since users can only use government portals for important personal obligations such as paying taxes or seeking medical care, they are at increased risk.

“Governments are increasingly aware of online threats to privacy, but at the same time they enable these potential breaches through their own services,” he says.

Mannan urges governments to frequently and thoroughly scan their own sites and apps to ensure privacy security and compliance with their own laws.

Read the quoted article: “And you Brute? Privacy analysis of government websites and mobile apps. » [  ]

— By Patrick Lejtenyi

— Concordia University

— @ConcordiaUnews

– A B

Florida now warns publishers against ‘critical race theory’ in social studies books – Orlando Sentinel https://houread.org/florida-now-warns-publishers-against-critical-race-theory-in-social-studies-books-orlando-sentinel/ Thu, 19 May 2022 15:30:12 +0000 https://houread.org/florida-now-warns-publishers-against-critical-race-theory-in-social-studies-books-orlando-sentinel/

TALLAHASSEE — Amid controversy over how it rejected math books, the Florida Department of Education is seeking proposals from textbook companies to provide social studies materials while again clarifying that his definition of “critical race theory” should not be included.

The department is accepting bids from companies through June 10 to provide social studies books for five years beginning in 2023. The department has posted a 29-page document on its website outlining what should be included in the books – and what should be excluded.

“Critical race theory, social justice, culturally appropriate teaching, social and emotional learning, and any other unsolicited theories that may lead to the indoctrination of students are prohibited,” part of the document reads, citing state education standards.

The criteria emphasizes the requirement that all materials meet the state’s “Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking” standards, which were adopted by the state in 2019. These standards came after Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order to eliminate remnants of the Common Core Standards.

The department issued the same warnings to publishers of math books, but said many had ignored them.

In an April 15 press release, the DOE reported that 41% of math textbooks during the adoption process were rejected for reasons related to critical race theory, core curriculum, and learning. socio-emotional.

The news has baffled educators and angered political opponents of DeSantis, especially after state records reviewed by the Orlando Sentinel and Miami Herald showed that only three of more than 70 book reviewers found a suggestion. of CRT in mathematical texts.

On Tuesday, the department posted an update on social media indicating that 88% of math textbook submissions have now been accepted, with 12% still refused.

“Publishers are aligning their educational materials with state standards,” the department said in a graphic that accompanied the message.

The free-speech organization PEN America released a statement on Wednesday criticizing the state over the rejection of math textbooks.

Jeremy Young, senior director of the organization’s Free Expression and Education program, said the rejection “demonstrates how well ‘educational gag orders’ can be exercised against a range” of educational materials.

“The rejections come amid a multi-pronged effort to undermine faith in public education and invoke terms that have become buzzwords to justify censorship, but remain vague and ill-defined,” said Young.

Democratic candidates vying to challenge DeSantis in the November election have criticized the governor over the textbook issue.

“DeSantis bans math books, I want to expand Medicaid,” Agriculture Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried tweeted Wednesday.

Critical race theory, a college-level concept based on the premise that racism is entrenched in American institutions, has been the target of DeSantis and other Republicans across the country.

latest news

As it happens

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DeSantis signed a bill last month (HB 7) that will limit how issues related to race can be taught in schools and in workplace training. This law also serves as the basis for the state’s ban on critical race theory, often referred to as CRT.

The social studies textbook guidelines cite state law and list what are described as “potential components of CRT,” such as the concept that a person “bears responsibility for, or should be discriminated against or receive unfavorable treatment because of actions committed in the past by other members of the same race, color, sex or national origin.

The textbook criteria also explicitly prohibit social studies material that would teach the concept of social justice.

“Social justice is closely aligned with CRT (Critical Race Theory),” the paper says.

Social-emotional learning is another concept that would be excluded from textbooks. This would include instruction incorporating “concepts of identity and identity identification”, emotional management, relationship development and social awareness.

The state adoption process for social studies materials is expected to continue through April 2023.

Florida Postal and News Service writer Leslie compiled this report.

Weightlifting for women…a bespoke all-female class launched by Burnley Leisure helps build physical and mental strength https://houread.org/weightlifting-for-women-a-bespoke-all-female-class-launched-by-burnley-leisure-helps-build-physical-and-mental-strength/ Wed, 18 May 2022 16:24:02 +0000 https://houread.org/weightlifting-for-women-a-bespoke-all-female-class-launched-by-burnley-leisure-helps-build-physical-and-mental-strength/

Burnley Leisure have organized the free education program to bring female members together on the gym floor, educate and build confidence around strength training in a bid to combat the insecurities it can often bring.

A four-week plan has been created at St Peters and Padiham Leisure Centres. The two instructors running the course taught identically so members could use both sites with confidence when it came to training on their own.

Read more

Read more

Burnley Leisure in the running for one of the fitness industry’s biggest accolades

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A bespoke course aimed at boosting women’s confidence when using weights in the gym has proven to be a huge success at Burnley and Padiham

Sarah Drinkwater, Operations Manager, said: “Common questions we get asked here at Burnley Leisure are ‘should I do more reps and lighter weights like all the magazines and articles have told us online or should we ditch the pretty pink 2kg dumbbells, kettlebells and heavy lift but for fewer reps?

“All women are completely different, so there is no specific answer for everyone.

“At Burnley Leisure we wanted to help our customers understand that it can totally depend on your goal, whether you are looking to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, run a marathon, participate in a triathlon or being the strongest women’s competitions in the UK, the categorizations can be endless.

“Watching these ladies progress over the past few weeks, gaining more confidence physically and mentally, has been truly inspiring.

A bespoke course aimed at boosting women’s confidence when using weights in the gym has proven to be a huge success at Burnley and Padiham

“The excitement each week of the ladies when they come to tell us what training they did during the week, at the back of the course and

seeing how proud they are of themselves is invigorating.

“We are already planning our next classes.”

App State Offers Online Veterinary Technology Degree Starting August | News https://houread.org/app-state-offers-online-veterinary-technology-degree-starting-august-news/ Wed, 18 May 2022 04:00:00 +0000 https://houread.org/app-state-offers-online-veterinary-technology-degree-starting-august-news/

Daughters of the American Revolution organize fundraiser to buy books for local schools https://houread.org/daughters-of-the-american-revolution-organize-fundraiser-to-buy-books-for-local-schools/ Tue, 17 May 2022 21:21:11 +0000 https://houread.org/daughters-of-the-american-revolution-organize-fundraiser-to-buy-books-for-local-schools/

THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Spring Creek Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in the Woods recently hosted a Bunco fundraiser night to purchase fifteen copies of Miss Lady Bird Wildflowers by Kathi Appelt to donate to schools in The Woodlands.

Bunco Night a great success for the mission of the organization

‘This book meets several of DAR’s objectives; promoting literacy, American history, conservation and education,” said Kim Cantwell, first regent of the chapter. “We purchased the books from Texas Children of the American Revolution as part of their state project. We hope this book will be shared with students and promote their love of reading, history and conservation.

DAR is the nation’s oldest women’s service organization, founded in 1890. Membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution is open to any woman 18 years of age or older who can prove lineal descent from an ancestor who served the cause of American independence.

Most of DAR’s volunteer work is accomplished through the local efforts of chapters at the grassroots level who focus on DAR’s mission areas by encouraging members to get involved in these initiatives in their local communities and to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism.

VHS Learning Introduces Python Programming Course for Fall 2022 https://houread.org/vhs-learning-introduces-python-programming-course-for-fall-2022/ Tue, 17 May 2022 13:06:21 +0000 https://houread.org/vhs-learning-introduces-python-programming-course-for-fall-2022/

Python is user-friendly and fun to learn, even for beginners with no prior programming experience. Along with learning the basics of this versatile and powerful programming language, students can write code, design programs, engage in thoughtful discussions, and have fun along the way.

Many high school students are eager to get into computer programming, and Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages ​​in the world. To help students learn fundamental programming concepts and skills – and build a solid foundation for the future – VHS Learning will be offering a new Python programming course starting fall 2022.

Python Programming introduces Python as a beginner’s computer course. It offers students the opportunity to learn and practice coding in an online environment with engaging, creative, and fun activities. The 15-week course, which will be offered in the fall and spring, includes video content, discussions, practice labs, games, digital products and projects.

Python Programming is one of over 300 unique online high school courses available through VHS Learning for the 2022-23 school year. In addition to Python, VHS Learning offers introductory programming courses in Java and Scratch as part of its Computing and Technology discipline. These unique, credit-worthy course options give students the opportunity to explore topics outside of the standard high school core curriculum and begin to prepare for college and careers. VHS Learning courses are open to all high school students; students taking classes for high school credits receive a transcript and the credits can be used toward high school graduation requirements, subject to local school approval .

“Part of our ongoing mission is to make computer science education more accessible to all students, which is why we’re excited to offer the new Python Programming course,” said Carol DeFuria, President and CEO. from the management of VHS Learning. “Python is user-friendly and fun to learn, even for beginners with no prior programming experience. In addition to learning the basics of this versatile and powerful programming language, students can write code, design programs, engage in thoughtful discussions and fun along the way.

Course registration for Fall 2022 is now open at: https://my.vhslearning.org/publicstudentcourseregistration.aspx

About VHS Learning

VHS Learning is a non-profit organization with over 25 years of experience delivering world-class online programs to students and schools around the world. Offering more than 300 unique online courses for high school credit, including 25 AP® courses, credit recovery courses, and enrichment courses, VHS Learning is accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA -CESS), Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), and Cognia. Courses are approved for initial eligibility by the NCAA. For more information about VHS Learning, please visit https://www.vhslearning.org/ and follow on Twitter at @VHSLearning.

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Uber adds charter buses to its US app https://houread.org/uber-adds-charter-buses-to-its-us-app/ Mon, 16 May 2022 19:38:38 +0000 https://houread.org/uber-adds-charter-buses-to-its-us-app/

  • Uber Technologies, Inc. UBER has entered into a collaboration to allow its users to charter private buses and coaches through its application, Financial Times reports.
  • The option targets weddings or wine tours across the United States, helping Uber expand beyond its core ride-sharing business.
  • US Coachways, one of the nation’s largest bus charter services, will provide the vehicles and drivers.
  • Uber will receive an undisclosed service fee for each reservation.
  • Another feature, Uber Travel, will encourage business travelers to book rides days in advance to help balance supply and demand amid the driver crisis.
  • The new Uber Travel feature invites users to link their Google Accounts to Uber to share details about upcoming trips, such as flight times, hotel reservations and dinner reservations, helping to manage customer crises. drivers.
  • Recently RBC Capital Markets suggested that rising fuel costs were weighing heavily on the supply of drivers, despite companies’ efforts to offset some of the costs to drivers.
  • Uber has recently added traditional taxis to its app in cities like New York and San Francisco, experimented with booking options for long-distance travel, like planes and trains in the UK, and integrated other modes of transport.
  • Price action: UBER shares traded down 3.23% to $23.63 when last checked on Monday.
  • Photo via Pixabay
VA websites benefit from continuous improvements https://houread.org/va-websites-benefit-from-continuous-improvements/ Mon, 16 May 2022 13:06:17 +0000 https://houread.org/va-websites-benefit-from-continuous-improvements/

VA is constantly refining its websites.

“There really isn’t a day when we say it’s done, where we’re going to celebrate, leave and move on,” said Samara Strauss, a digital services expert who works for the VA digital team. responsible for maintaining and updating the VA website. “It really is a constant work in progress. Things like having an online health care app or the online disability claims tool — those were things a few years ago that were just a dream and now it’s a reality . Now veterans use these tools every day. »

The VA.gov website allows veterans to apply for, track, and manage their VA health care and benefits. Veterans can apply for health care, disability compensation, VA-backed veterans’ home loans, veteran ID cards, education benefits, and other benefits online; track certain applications throughout their life cycle; and manage existing benefits and personal information from the website.

Tasks that previously took months on paper and by mail — such as filing a disability claim — are now seeing reduced timelines because they can be completed online through VA.gov.

“In terms of how we work,” Strauss continued, “we launch something, track it to see how and if veterans are using it and find it useful (or not), and figure out how we can improve it. over time. Our goal is to ensure that veterans can manage everything completely online. »

How does VA know what veterans want on the VA website?

The VA.gov team uses human-centered design principles and regularly engages with veterans. All projects start with teams talking with veterans to validate their needs, and website updates are tested by veterans before launch to assess how things could be improved.

VA.gov also reviews website analytics, which show how the veteran community uses the website, to determine how to prioritize information so that the most commonly used functions are easily accessible. For example, the main VA.gov homepage displays the top 20 tasks performed by approximately 80% of website visitors.

For information not listed on the home page, veterans can use the site’s search function to find information, and they will soon be able to use a new virtual agent (chat) feature that VA is preparing to roll out. at national scale. For those who prefer a mobile experience, VA.gov is mobile friendly and the VA.gov team recently launched a new VA mobile app. And for people who may use assistive technology, all VA.gov products aim to meet all Section 508 and accessibility standards.

How can a veteran suggest an improvement?

If you are a veteran with a suggestion for a feature or ways to improve the website, go to VA.gov, select Contact Us, scroll down, and select Feedback. (The Feedback button is only for making constructive suggestions about the website. If you have any questions or requests regarding your benefits or health care, this other Contact The Us page tells you how to contact these types of questions.)

Tell us about your experience – what you need, what you can’t find and what can be improved. Our goal is to make products that veterans love to use, and with your feedback, we can make that happen.