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Aligarh: The one-week and short-term online course on “Electric Vehicle Technology for Sustainable Mobility” (EVTSM) of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology (ZHCET), Muslim University of Aligarh (AMU) ended with an expert lectures on different ideas, frameworks and technical solutions to address the main challenges related to electric vehicles for sustainable transport.

In a series of lectures, Mr. Prasanth Kumar Pallani, Chief Technical Consultant, HarithaTechlogix, Coimbatore, spoke on Electric Vehicle Architecture and Components; selection of electric motors and their battery packs; management system for electric vehicles; charging technology; manufacturing techniques; safety standards and testing and simulation of electric vehicles.

He provided an overview of sizing and control for electric vehicle applications and discussed types of electric motors, their operation, control and selection.

Mr. Prasanth elaborated on the thermal management of high voltage components such as battery, inverter, motor and converter and provided a summary on the types of chargers, charging stations and charging technology available in India and abroad.

He gave details of the materials used in the different components of electric vehicles, explained the regenerative braking system, elaborated various safety testing methods and described the modeling and simulation of electric vehicles using MatLab-silink.

During the farewell session, Dr. Sanaur Rehman (course coordinator) presented a summary of the short course and led the program.

Dr. Mohammad Asif spoke about the impact of electric vehicles on resource management.

“This course provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the expansion of electric vehicles due to their zero tailpipe emissions and low reliance on fossil fuels,” said Mr. Nafees Ahmad (Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering ).

Dr. Abdullah Yousuf Usmani (course coordinator) extended the vote of thanks.

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