DVIDS – News – New Edition of CENSECFOR Toolbox App Now Available

In conjunction with the Sea Warrior Program Office – PMW 240, the Security Forces Center announces the June 2 release of its new version of the CENSECFOR Toolbox mobile application.

Now available for download on Apple iTunes, Google Play and Navy App Locker, the new version includes seven downloadable courses. This is the M4/16 service rifle; M14 carbine; M500 Service Rifle; M9 and M18 service pistol; M240 service machine gun; and Personal Firearms Safety and Guidelines.

“This app puts vital information at the seafarer’s fingertips,” said Robert Burgett, learning standards manager at the Security Forces Center. “Sailors no longer need to walk into an office and log into a computer to take training behind a CAC firewall. Everything is available on the app.”

The app review project spanned several months and took place in two stages or builds. The first release, called Emerging Release, fixed a critical issue for Android users who were having trouble accessing their course certificates. The second version involved the conversion of M14, M18 and M240 courses to the mobile application platform from a web environment.

“Part of the challenge was finding two different test groups, one for iOS, another for Android,” Burgett said. “God bless them, because it’s not just about testing the app and noting the deviations; you have to test and retest, which often means using the same people over and over.”

Sailors must complete service pistol, shotgun, and rifle courses when assigned as an individual augmentation or prior to participating in “between the lifelines” training. This, in part, makes the CENSECFOR Toolkit an ideal asset as sailors can take the training anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices.

“Once Sailors download a course, the files are stored on their mobile device,” Burgett said. “It means they can take the classes without worrying about it putting a strain on their data plans.”

Additionally, sailors can print their course completion certificates and upload them directly to their electronic training vests as a permanent part of their record.

“Over 21,000 users have downloaded the app, and it’s ranked in the top 10 mobile downloads along with the Navy PRT app and others,” Burgett said. “Going forward, we are working to make the Antiterrorism Level One course available through the Master-at-Arms Rate app and training manual.

The app has several other features, such as contact information and training locations for instructor-led courses, prerequisite information, and required equipment lists for items sailors should bring for certain courses.

“The app removes Sailors’ past reliance on their training officers to tell them what they need for their training; the app puts that information right in their hands,” Burgett said. “The app will empower sailors to lead themselves and increase their leadership over others.”

The Security Forces Center trains more than 20,000 students each year. It has more than 14 training sites around the world that carry the motto: “Where training breeds confidence”.

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