Do not share lunch, books, staggered entry and exit among DDMA guidelines for school reopening on November 1

Not sharing lunch and books, staggered entry and exit at different points, compulsory masks and restricted entry for visitors are among the guidelines announced by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) for the reopening of schools and colleges for all classes from November 1st. The DDMA had authorized at the beginning of the week the reopening of schools for all classes after a prolonged closure of 19 months. However, schools have been asked to ensure that no more than 50 percent of attendance is recorded at a time.

“There should be a gap of at least an hour between the exit of the last group of the morning shift and the entry of the first group of the evening shift into double-shift schools and colleges. Likewise, all other teaching and coaching institutes must maintain a gap between lots and shifts. Help from volunteers can be taken to avoid overcrowding and maintaining appropriate Covid behavior at building entry / exit doors, ”the DDMA guidelines said.

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He ordered that students, teachers and employees living in containment zones not be allowed to come to campus. “The area or part of the school / institute building used for vaccination or distribution of rations must be properly separated / demarcated from the area / part of the school / institute building which will be used for academic activities.

“In this regard, the district administration should cordon off the area demarcated for vaccination or the ration distribution center, make separate entrances / exits for this purpose and deploy a sufficient number of civil protection volunteers to avoid mixing. the students with the people coming for the vaccination or the distribution of the rations. centers, ”he said.

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The Delhi government previously announced the reopening of schools for grades 9 to 12, colleges and coaching institutes from September 1 following a marked improvement in the COVID-19 situation in the nation’s capital.

However, this is the first time that schools will reopen for all classes after the outbreak of the pandemic. Many principals and heads of school associations hailed the Delhi Disaster Management Authority’s (DDMA) decision to reopen schools and colleges for all grades, saying it was taken “just at the right time” while d others felt it was “delayed”.

Parents, however, were divided on the issue, with some saying there was a need to make up for lost learning and others raising concerns about the risk of COVID-19 amid the festivities and rising pollution levels. Some also expressed concern that several schools were not providing transportation when they reopened for grades 9 to 12.

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