Dave Ramsey’s “Foundations in Personal Finance” Course in Northern Nevada High Schools

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – A nonprofit called the Hayek Group and volunteers, including NeoMedical CEO and President Tim Duvall, have raised nearly $500,000 to empower young men and women in Northern Nevada with skills in financial literacy.

The Hayek Group and Duvall are paying the fees necessary to make available to high school students at all high schools in Washoe County and Pershing County, free of charge, the fees required to deliver the “Foundations in Personal Finance” program during the semester. fall of the 2022-2023 school year.

Efforts are also underway to get the program into as many northern Nevada high schools as possible.

“You can’t really be personally free if you’re not financially free and so I think we need to teach these young people all the skills we can,” Duvall said.

At least one of these classes is taught to a group of students at Wooster High School. “What is the insurance for?” Personal Finance Foundations teacher Morgan Bishop asks his class. Students learn essential financial skills, including budgeting, saving, and steps to growing retirement income through wise investments.

“It’s a really easy program to teach and it’s really easy to learn. It’s a very well-designed program,” Bishop said.

A similar program designed for adults and taught at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University costs over $100 per person.

As the Hayek Group’s acting president of education, Duvall is primarily responsible for raising a total of $475,000 for this program by hosting nine events, including five golf tournaments and other fundraisers.

He also accepted generous donations from organizations and individuals like Gretchen Haas.

Duvall and the Hayek Group paid $175,000 for the Washoe County School District’s 7-year contract.

The idea to raise money to help high school students in Northern Nevada came to Duvall as he was moving his company from California to Nevada.

He listened to Dave Ramsey on the radio as he met the Hayek band.

Duvall contacted Washoe County School District Curriculum and Instruction Manager Kindra Fox.

“I had arranged for Ramsey to be on the line and they had a meeting and about 15 minutes into the meeting she stopped us and said this program was way beyond what we thought it could be and we’re ready to make it optional in the school system,” Duvall said.

In 2015, it reached 4,400 students in 12 schools.

It has since been rolled out in seven northern Nevada school districts to reach 37 high schools, but COVID-19 restrictions forced the program to end in some high schools.

“It is designed for high school. It’s accredited. It’s taught all over the country and I don’t think you can find a better program,” Duvall said.

In fact, students Bond spoke with in Mr. Bishop’s class say they had no idea that class in their school district costs $175,000 or that Duvall and the Hayek Group raised the money.

“This is awesome. I’m super grateful for all of this,” said Personal Finance Foundations student Natalia Chacon.

“I think they should use it because it really helps a lot and prepares students for adult life,” said Lavi Malafu, a foundation student in personal finance.

Sarah Brown, WCSD curriculum and instruction spokesperson for the Washoe County School District, oversees the implementation of all K-12 social student content, including the teaching financial literacy.

She says that after receiving the Hayek Group’s donation and support for the high school’s “Foundations in Personal Finance” program, the district decided to use the grant funding to also purchase the college version in 2021.

She says WCSD administrators aim to see vertical alignment from middle school to high school and by the 2022-2023 school year, WCSD will have to implement a semester-long economics/personal finance course. complete and will be mandatory for graduation for all seniors.

This change has led to the adoption of new economics teaching materials and the development of a new scope, sequence, and pacing guide that will explicitly include the core materials.

This new course will require teachers to spend at least five weeks teaching financial literacy and using the Foundations curriculum.

Brown says her team is designing a number of professional development opportunities that began in May and will continue through the fall.

Duvall is running for District 16 of the Nevada State Senate.

He races against Don Tatro, Lisa Krasner and Monica Jay.

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