Cumberland County health director backtracks, rescinds mask order

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WNCN) – The weight of the pandemic rests on the shoulders of Dr. Jennifer Green.

The Cumberland County Director of Health announced Wednesday that she will be canceling her mask order. Starting Sunday, people will no longer be required to wear a mask inside Cumberland County.

“The ability for us to be able to effectively enforce the order remains a challenge,” Green said.

The move came as students returned to class on Wednesday and were no longer required to wear masks.

The Cumberland County School Board voted 5 to 4 to make masks optional.

“Let kids who want or parents who want their kids come out of a mask, come out of a mask,” said Cumberland County School Board Chairman Greg West.

“Yes, you have the right to come to school without a mask. But we ask that you do not come to school if you are unwell,” said Shirley Bolden, director of Cumberland County Schools Health Services.

Bolden said she did not make a recommendation to the council regarding masks.

CBS 17 asked, what would Bolden’s recommendation have been?

“My recommendation, I don’t make recommendations to the school board. What I do is provide the factual information, like what our case positivity rate is,” Bolden said.

There were concerns that the school district policy violated the county order. Because of this, US Congressman Richard Hudson (right) urged Green to revise his order.

Green said she hopes companies will implement mask policies.

“It’s not an indication that the pandemic is over,” Green said.

Masks are still required on all school buses, airports and other public transportation under federal law.

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