Colquitt Co. Schools launches anonymous whistleblowing app

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) – Colquitt County schools are making a difference.

The district officially launched an app for the school community to send messages anonymously.

“The real purpose of this anonymous alert is to protect both students, teachers and school staff. It’s really not about trying to get someone in trouble every day, it’s really about trying to help people, ”said Ben Wiggins, the school system’s superintendent.

Ben Wiggins is the Superintendent of Colquitt County Schools. (WALB)

Users of the app can send anonymous messages about incidents that may occur outside of school.

“For example, maybe there was a fight on a Sunday afternoon in a park. Someone wants to inform the manager of something like this and give him a warning. It can be things like bullying. It can be things like suicide or someone can post something on social media about hurting themselves, ”Wiggins said.

Anyone can use the app and it’s even available through a web browser.

“Our elementary students who may not yet have access to a cell phone or those in middle school who do not yet have a cell phone, it is linked on each school’s website and there is a web browser version of exactly the same service and they can use it that way as well as the mobile app, ”said Angela Hobby, director of communications.

Wiggins said they hope to bridge the communication gap for the school.

“We just want to do everything in our power to give students, parents and community members the opportunity to share with us whenever they think there is something that needs to be worn. our attention and we would like everyone to feel comfortable enough to come in and sit face to face and have a conversation, but we know there are situations that sometimes negate that, ”said Wiggins .

If you are from the Colquitt County School District, all you need to do is enter the code “colquittcs”.

The district was able to achieve this application through funding.

“We have received money through the E-CARES law to address issues such as learning loss safety and we certainly believe this is in compliance and we have submitted it to the state responsible for education and they approved it for an act of care purchase, ”Wiggins said.

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