College Course Credit System Now in India: How It Will Change the Study Abroad Path

From application processes to virtual classrooms, the past two years have seen a dramatic transformation for students pursuing studies abroad. Undeniably, the pandemic has turned the whole world into a classroom through digitization and the advent of e-learning.

New opportunities such as buddy programs, blended learning, and transferable college course credits now help students on their study abroad journey and eventually become part of their desired universities.

Academic Credit Bank of India

In July 2021, UGC set standards for the creation of an Academic Credit Bank (ABC) that would help students learn their chosen subjects at multiple colleges and universities at the same time.

According to the UGC notification, the Academic Credit Bank is to be a national-level facility to promote the flexibility of the curriculum framework and the interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary academic mobility of students in higher education institutions in the country.

This will be done with an appropriate credit transfer mechanism that will allow students to choose their own learning path to obtain a degree, diploma, postgraduate diploma or any other academic qualification.

College course credit system

The college course credit system is a standard used by universities to assess a student’s progress during their course of study.

Academic credits, often referred to as college course credits, are an essential component of international education. It helps students in many ways as it enables multiple benefits for students:

  • Significantly reduces costs: College course credits, when taken online, can significantly reduce costs for students aspiring to study abroad, as they are offered at less than 20% of the cost of pursuing them on campus.
  • Adapt to flexibility and time: To work at their own pace, enroll in additional courses and customize their program to their specific interests/needs
  • Paving the way to dream universities: Obtaining credits helps students immensely to strengthen their candidacies in the best universities

Apply to study abroad with credits

It is very important to transfer the right credits to apply for the desired program and various other factors that students usually lack, such as:

  • Do not hesitate to do research: Research lays a solid foundation for any step students take on their study abroad trip and so it is important to be thorough in research.
  • Analyze and understand: Generally, each course is worth a particular number of credit points, which is determined by a variety of factors such as student workload, learning outcomes, and number of hours spent in the course.
  • Stay up to date: This process, like all others, evolves over time, with new innovations fueled by digital learning and it is important for students to keep up with the changes.

How edtech makes college course credit easier for students

Since the onset of the pandemic, digital learning has evolved in many ways and taken center stage. With the help of technology, there are new ways to earn credit through courses that are interactive, cinematic, engaging, and using state-of-the-art, evidence-based techniques to give students an experience like never before. Students have access to:

  • Top Universities: These online courses that help earn credit also feature top instructors from schools like Yale, Cornell, NYU, MIT, and more.
  • Rapid growth : Aspiring high school students are able to start their higher education journey early, as they will have successfully completed college-level courses while still in high school.
  • Economical and easy accessibility: With native digital programs, the cost of obtaining credits drops significantly.

Over the past two years, India has witnessed a boom in the edtech sector, especially the study abroad segment. Educational institutions are turning to technology and innovation-driven learning, which will change a student’s trajectory in pursuit of higher education.

Today, the ambition to study abroad is not just limited to Tier 1 cities. Instead, the burgeoning education technology sector has offered Tier II students options ranging from course credit system for digital orientation students.

Students considering going abroad to study have a promising future with the Union’s 2022 budget focusing on e-passports and digital learning.

– Article by Vaibhav Singh, co-founder, Leap Scholar

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